Card or anything?

Good evening all, I wonder if anybody can help?  Last year I was nearly refused entry to a concert at the O2 as the steward thought I was drunk! ( due to my unsteady walk) He eventually let me in but to say it was awful is an understatement! So my question is, now I have a diagnosis, is there any sort of card I can carry that I can show to prove I am not drunk but have a medical condition? A little lost as to what is available and what is not? Any advice would help. Thank you in advance blush                                                                                                                        

Hi Violet

The MS society has a card stating you have ms (its also useful when there is a queue for the toilet).  If you look on the list of free publications I think that was where I found it.


Hope this helps


Hi Violet.

Agree with Pam,just ring them up and they will send you one,and it makes life i little bit easier.

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As the others have said you can order one of the assistance cards, this is the link:

I looked for that card but couldnt find it.

Below is a copy of a post I made on (16/01/12), regard the MS, information card.


As I said in a previous post, these cards are a good idea, I have one. But I feel they need to be person specific, maybe with a (id) photo sealed onto the card.

I appreciate this type would be more expensive to produce, and you would have to provide the MS society with specific size up to date (id) photo.

If these could be made available, I for one would be prepared to pay the admin cost for one.

In fact I would go one further, If the MS Society wanted a volunteer to carry out this admin work from home, I would also be prepared to consider that.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).



Hey i clicked onto this site and it says this site does not excist x

Hi Violet

Thought this was going to be about Valentines day! Must have my romantic head on today! And I was curious as to what the 'anything' option was! blush

You have had some great answers to your question happy2

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I've just had a look under the publications on this site and you can find the assistance cards, to order here:-

If that link doesn't work, click publications at he very top of the page then under Ordering Publications at the bottom of the page, click  browse the online shop, the click 14 - Help and information cards.  There are then 3 cards to choose from, they're free so you can order all of them if you feel they will be of benefit to you.


Hope that makes sense and helps.



After falling into someone in a shop I decided it was time to use a stick. I do need one or two sticks these days anyway but it did save embarresment at the time.



I asked my docter bout using a stick because my left leg gives in alot, but my docter advised me not to as he thinks i may depend on the stick to much, I always get laughed at when I fall, an old man walked past me yesterday as I fell and he turned around and told me to pick my feet up, so I sed excuse me but I suffer with MS, he then turned back round and said my gosh I’m so sorry dear let me help you up, it was so nice of him to do that, but some kids found it funny.


As the others have said you can order one of the assistance cards, this is the link:

[/quote] this link doesnt work

Hi Shirley,

If you follow Sues post you will find it easier.

Take Care.


Hi Violet

I have the same issue and asked my MS nurse to write a letter which I now carry around with me stating my condition and outward symptoms (balance, vision, speech, co-ordination), I have only had to show it twice in the last 5 years, on an airline and in a restraunte, but I have the peace of mind that my symptoms are explained.  I also wear an SOS braclet which states condition, medication and symptoms as I am prone to passing out so it has contact numbers should they be needed.  Good luck.


After much searching on the publications I ordered a card on thursday and it said it would be posted in 24 hours.