Hi Everyone, I have received in the post a card. Nothing unusual except this is from my MS team. It looks like a credit card & the instuctions simply say “carry with you in case of emergency”. On the front it reads “I have Multiple Sclerosis, it is not infectious, I need assistance & would be grateful if you could help me”. On the back it lists toileting probs, need for rest etc. I am very grateful that I have been sent it, even with no letter attatched! but I am wondering why, after having MS for 8 years my MS team deem me worthy of 1!!! Im sure others have got 1 but I am bemused by the lack of instruction from my MS team!!! Sorry if Ive made it sound like Im very ungrateful, Im not honest, just a bit out of the blue!!! Didnt even know they existed!! I now have a “Membership card”!!! If I seem flippent I apologise! Just wasnt expecting it! Tracey xx

Hi Tracey. I got one of these about two years ago. I have used it on several occasions in stores where there was no public toilet. I just showed the card and I was taken to the staff toilet.


i have one aswell, i havent needed to use it yet but it will come in handy if you need the loo when your out or if you cant talk properly and need help then just show the card, its the best thing for a just incase situation

Hi Tracey,

I do have one, but I applied for mine from the MS Society (the wording sounds identical). My “MS Team” - which is only really my neuro or one of his understudies - have certainly never sent me one, or mentioned it.

I carry it with me everwhere, but the only time it would really have come in handy, I forgot all about it!

I went to the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games. For the most part, it was not as daunting as expected, apart from a bit of a crush for the tube, on the way home. After some time jammed in like a sardine, I noticed people whizzing past me, in an apparently reserved lane. Then I noticed a couple of them were in wheelchairs. It suddenly dawned on me it was the disabled lane, and that if I’d waved the MS card, I could almost certainly have used it, but by that time, it was far too late, and I was firmly wedged where I was. There was absolutely no chance of making it over to the disabled lane, even if I waved my cards like crazy. The only way they could have done it was to pass me over people’s heads!


How do I get one of these cards plz?


Anna x

I’ve got one too had it about 6 yrs & had to use it recently on a Ryanair flight when the seat belt sign was on. I said to the flight attendant I desperatley need the loo, she said I’m sorry you need to stay seated I showed her the card and said if you don’t let me go I’ll wee here. Lol she let me go it was only a bit of turbulance :slight_smile:

There is a box of these on the reception desk in our MS Soc Resource centre for one and all to take



I have one of these cards. Last year we visited a small garden centre in mid Wales. I was desperate to go. I showed the card to this misserable owner who refused point blank to let me use his toilet. Got my own back!! I peed behind one of his bushes!!!


Just think yourself very lucky. These cards are only given out to the chosen few - certainly not to be handed out to the ‘hoi polloi’ or 'all and sundry [who are these people] so take great care when using.

Where’s mine?

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the replies! Loved yours Jane!!! Quite chuffed Ive got 1, was just a bit amazed by my MS team sending me it!!! Usually have to beg for pain relief etc!!! They must have had a bumper pack & sent us all 1!!! Didnt know anything about them til it came! They are supplied by the MS Society, so any1 without 1, make a request!!! Tracey xx