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I missed a phone call this afternoon off my car insurance. Tried calling them back but I was on hold and it’s an 0844 number. Later on I discovered an email off them asking me to call them, urgently, about my insurance. I called them, again, and after 15 minutes on hold, and being put on hold a few more times, they wanted to know about my health?! I’m really confused as I have been with the insurance company for nine months"now! my last payment is next month!! I declared everything when I took out the insurance. Yet, tonight, they wanted to know what the health condition was, am I on medication, what medication?! Why would thy be asking me now?!?!?! I did change cars and so adapted my policy in December, but I still don’t see the relevance of all the health questions! Has anyone else had this wih their insurance?? Thank you in advance, Debs xx

Hiya Debs, I confess to knowing nothing regards your own car insurance, but wanted the post up near the top so an educated insurance person would see it and help, one thing I will say, insurance companies will do anything to escape from any potential payout, the wearing of a stripped jersey and eye mask should be mandatory for insurance company employee’s, Brian

hi, might they be trying to make you nervous about renewing your insurance now that you’re due to make your final payment, in a bid to make you stay with them rather than ‘risk’ another insurer turning you down for insurance or charging you a much higher amount?

wendy x

When I was first diagnosed I phoned my then insurance company to tell them - that was 4 years ago. Now, when I am comparing companies when renewal is due they simply ask if I am on a restricted licence but one company actually told me they are not allowed to ask why as that could be classed as discrimination.

I’m quite certain they cannot ask for details of all your medication etc. If the DVLA have declared you fit to drive, it’s up to you to use your common sense during the 3 years and drive only when you are fit. Your insurance company don’t have the right to quiz you about your health, after all what are they going to do with this information? They can’t use it to increase your premiums (discrimination) and they can’t decline to insure you (same).

Tracey x


I really don’t know why your insurance company would be asking those questions, if you told them you have MS and that the DVLA are aware of it they don’t need to know more than that. In fact insurers are not legally allowed to discriminate because of a medical condition (i.e. put the price up). They are only bothered that the DVLA allow you to drive.

It may be worth speaking to them again to find out why they were asking.



Thanks everyone. It doesn’t make sense at all, still! I think I’ll wait and see, hopefully they’ll contact me again and I’ll ask all the questions then. Last night I was worried hat I had put down the wrong details for my new car. Thanks again, Debs xx


Most insurers also have an 0800 number. Could you look them up in the phone book/Internet and find the free number to call then back on…and while you’re there, ask them for some compensation for your phone charges when they kept you on hold for ages!

My insurers did the same as Smiler101’s, no questions asked.

Hope this helps.

Good luck. x