Capability for work form ?

I have a Capability for Work form to fill in and return. I think it`s the annual update on my condition.

Should I mention I am a full time carer for my partner or just stick to my condition and answer the questions only.

I understand I have to return the form or lose my Benefits. There is no way I could go to work if they decide I have to, as I look after my partner 24/7. She is diagnosed with Dementia. Unless there is another way around this situation.

Not sure how to deal with this. Should I be worried ?

I`m PPMS and like most people I have good days and bad days with it.

it would be right and fair for you to continue to care for your partner without losing benefits.

i hope the DWP see it this way too.

if they don’t agree, will they be prepared to give you a carer or not.

good luck

carole x

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My logic, which could be wrong would be that the form is purely about your physical ability to work. If for any reason they deamed you ‘fit to work’, it would be a different point that your wife is dependent on you.

maybe a visit (or phone call. I asum going out is an issue with your wife’s health). To the CAB.

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Hi scudger I feel for you have a word with the welfare rights team at your council they will help you with all this .

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I would definitely not mention being a full time carer for your partner -

the assessors could well take the view that if you’re physically able to care for someone then you are able to work.

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