can't take much more...........

So sorry to be on here moaning again…but I am seriously reaching the end of my teather…if that’s how you spell it…I can’t think straight today, let alone spell…so excuse the mistakes!! Had another email from my lovely lady at access to work today saying that my school still hadn’t given her the infomation she needs to complete the application. I was assessed on sep 12th and the school have been asked ever since for the information. They have sent some of what was needed but not enough for a proper calculation of how much it would cost for an extra TA for 16hrs a week. Can i do anything about this? I am working full time and have NO reasonable adjustments in place at all. After the head offering me another role that I do not want I am seeing him again with my union rep on 5th november…i feel totally stressed, which as you know, makes fatigue so much worse and got home after another long day and i just want to cry and give up. The main think i want to know is what can i do about school not providing the info AtW need? If they don’t hurry up I have been told the application will be closed and i will have to apply again…so even more time without any support.


Sorry I can’t help but thought I’d bump you up to the first page to see if someone can help.

Hope you get some useful replies.


Are you in a union? If so, I would get them to contact the Head and ask if they are being deliberately obstructive towards Access to Work’s request. If you are not in a union then you need to find someone else with a bit of clout to shock them into action. Someone who can suggest that they are forcing you into either the position you don’t want or taking ill health retirement. Beware though, as you still want to work with them afterwards and if they are forced to do something they don’t want to it could be a bumpy ride …

Tracey x

I agree with all that has been said already but I would say don’t get stressed. As you say, this will make your MS worse.

You are covered by law to have reasonable adjustments. They have to provide you wih this otherwise they are in big trouble. You have a lot of rights. You just need to talk with someone who knows your rights and can advise you on what to do.

Citizens Advice Bureau are fantastic.

My HR Dept and Occ Health departments were good too.

Have you been referred to Occ Health because they fought my corner for me and arranged all sorts of changes before I retired through ill health last year at the age of 51. I just had to have a meeting with them once and they suggested all sorts of reasonable adjustments to my employer (NHS) and these changes were made.

Hope it all works out for you and take care of yourself.

Shazzie xx

Hi, you’ve had good replies from others but I just want to urge caution about falling out with your employer over this which might in turn make your job there untenable anyway. You are protected by law but they don’t have to make reasonable adjustments in every case, I mean if it is a small company and this would bankrupt them then obviously they couldn’t make adjustments, so yes the law is on your side but you might not get everything you ask for. Am I correct in thinking you want a TA for 16 hours a week, this might be so unaffordable that it is not do-able. I know you were offered the other non teaching job at the same salary ad it isn’t what you want but if the upshot of the adjustments you need is a major falling out, loss of goodwill, your employer no longer supporting you, would it not be an idea to consider it, I mean if it comes with support, good will, understanding, perhaps more leeway to time off, wouldn’t it be better than reasonable adjustents with none of those things. Cheryl:-)

Thanks for your replies. …Cheryl I take your point but AtW will pay for the TA and why should I stop a job I love because they are not helping me in any way. Reasonable adjustments I am asking for are nit going to cost the earth. …an employer should expect a certain amount of cost to keep a disabled worker in their job…to be honest I am going to fight this because I shouldn’t have to deal with it…they are not doing what they should for me to keep me in my post and moving roles would be detrimental to any further jobs I may apply for. And I want to try to stay class based with adjustments…then if really needed maybe move roles in the future…but it feels like they are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. …

Also do they really want to lose your x amount of experience just for a little inconvenience? The government have the cheek to call disabled people scroungers yet there are employers like this who put obstacles in the way of people who just want to carry on with the job they have loved and are presumably good at. If you have good performance reviews from previous years, this is the time to pull them out and use them! (I joined a union and save all performance reviews and thank you letters from my Headmaster for just such an event these days and I’m only in admin)

Good luck, don’t give up

Tracey x

Hi hun.

you do sound mentally and physically drained…but youve had some great advice. Well all do our best to hold you up and give you the strength you need to carry on fighting.

When the will power slows and you cant see any light at the end of your tunnel, please dig deep and drag the old you up…she is still there you know, underneath all the rubbish MS has landed on you. Eat and sleep well.

There IS a good chance your head of school will do the things needed, to keep you in post…he has to, by law! I know it`ll be hard to fight on, but it will be worth it in the end.

Hang on in there sweet and you`ll see.

Sending you some of Boudica`s strength to bolster you.

luv Pollx

Hi emya, I’m sending you love and good strong thoughts sweetie. I’m also a teacher and having a torrid, torrid time with my school and the county council over reasonable adjustments or lack of! (I’m now in a wheelchair and you would have thought I had grown two heads and turned green the way they have reacted!) unfortunately look to be heading to a tribunal in my case which is a vile prospect so I really feel for you and do know what you are going through. You are just asking for a level playing field in the workplace and that is not unreasonable at all. I would say absolutely get your union fully briefed and negotiating on your behalf. Beware that there is a 3 month window in which to file legal papers which should be a last resort and doesn’t mean you can’t keep negotiating and I really hope your negotiations bring forth the adjustment you are requesting but you could regret missing the deadline if it doesn’t work as you will have no legal grounds to take them to court or seek compensation if it all goes bottoms up if you miss the deadline. Ask the union about this asap would be my advice. Also easier said than done but try not to get stressed eh? pm me if I can do or say anything to help. In the meantime, sending love xx

Thank you so much everyone…you are all so supportive xxx