Afternoon everyone, I am so upset…Was called to a meeting with the headmaster and 2 other members of SMT to discuss (what I thought) reasonable adjustments I have requested and access to work recommendations. Head said that the recommendations they have made are not going to help me stay a class teacher in the long term, so basically he wont implement them, but worst of all gave me a choice i wasn’t expecting and really didin’t want. He has offered me a support teacher role- not class based- that will include planning and curriculum and teaching support groups. A made up role especially for the disabled person (how i feel, not what he said!) or to leave. How the hell can he get away with this. I feel worse now than the day i was dx. Emma :0(

hi emya

don’t do anything until you have spoken to your union rep or had advice from someone legal.

so have a relaxing weekend.

carole x

Carole is right - you need to get legal advice. Try Citizens Advice Bureau too. If you can, you should definitely fight on this.

But leave that for monday, try not to dwell too much (cause you will dwell a bit) and have a relaxing weekend. Then you will be ready to come out swinging on monday.

Take care

JBK xx

Emma, how I feel for you. Chin up, treat yourself to whatever takes your fancy and please contact someone as suggested by Carole or JBK. My friend found ACAS really helpful when she was having difficulties at work due to Parkinson’s they gave her lots of advice over the phone and met with her.

Emma, for the support teacher role that he proposed, do you stay on the same salary as now? Cheryl:-)

You must speak to your school union rep / area rep. Remember you are protected under disability discrimination law - is this what’s happening? The MS Society helpline can put you in touch with a lawyer for a telephone consultation. Relax over weekend and don’t rush any decisions. Take care. Xx

Hi Emma,

As folk have been saying, get in touch on Monday with your union rep initially.

You are covered under the equality act, so get informed advice with this, so you play it the correct way to your benefit.

Try…very hard I bet ! detach from it all a bit over the weeked and hit it head long on Monday.



Hi Emma For once maybe I can be useful to someone else in the way many of you have helped me. I am a discrimination/equality lawyer - pm me if you want, or tell me more on here - hope I can give you some tips (I’m not in private practice so not touting for business!) Clare

No, I am sure he cant do what he is proposing.

Clare is the one to help you…so glad we have her in our midst.

Good luck hun.


Thank you so much everyone…i can’t stop thinking about what he said and how he behaved towards me. Yes Cheryl, that was the first thing he said…that i would stay on the same terms and conditions…i think thats so i can’t do anything about being moved from a class teacher role that i love! x

Hi Emma Sounds like Clare can offer you some good advice but thought I would share my recent experiences to. I work in a school as a HLTA. I recently had my requested for my hours to be changed from 3 whole days to mornings initially turned down by school in a re shuffle before the summer holidays, so I decided to take up an offer to go through occupational health. OH told me I was covered by discrimination laws and although employers could not be forced to take OH advice to make reasonable adjustment, because I guess of protection by law, they invariably do. Once OH put forward a case for reducing my hours and changing to mornings the school did make the changes. I think (not 100% sure) that they cannot change your contract without your agreement so therefore ‘reasonable’ adjustments have to be agreed by both sides. OH is there to protect you and the employer to make sure both of you are happy with necessary changes. As for suggesting you leave…hmm…ask Clare about that for sure…what a cheek! Please have a good weekend. So difficult to put something like that to the back of your mind but nothing you can do till Monday now …apart from search out something to cheer you up : ) Contact your union on Monday and call ms helpline for guidance. Good luck Mish x