worried about work.....

Afternoon everyone, I know that worrying doesn’t help but i can’t help it!! I am a teacher- reception aged chn and am already really worrying about going back to work full time in September. I was dx in Feb, tried to carry on as normal for 2 weeks and then kinda had a bit of a meltdown…went to my line manager and said I wasn’t coping very well…so long story short, it was arranged that I would work 3 days a week until end of the summer term- July. I was still on full pay. School have so far been amazing (surprisingly so). The worry is that I won’t be able to cope with full time hours when term starts again…I work in a private school, so it’s expected that you do a lot outside of school hours…before dx i was working up to 60hrs a week. I know that i wont be able to do those kind of hours anymore but don’t wanna look like I am unable to do my job. The head has always said he will not have part time teachers in his school, two female teachers have taken him to tribunal about it, as they wanted to work part time after having children…to no avail…but has he now shown, by allowing me to work part time for 3 months, that it could work? My union have been next to useless!! advice appreciated… so much for cutting a long story short!!!

Hi there I can totally understand your anxiety. It is really important you try to avoid stress though!! I teach secondary and after Dx cut down to 0.8, followed by 0.6 which works for me. Do you think you will be best off discussing part time? I work in a state school but I can’t imagine the head cannot allow you to change your hours if it is a reasonable adjustment to enable you to manage your symptoms etc. you are covered by the DIsability discrimination act. Obviously there will be an impact on finances to consider too… I would go back to your union. I had issues with time tabling and my union was amazing- I am NASWT. Also have you been in touch with occupational health? I am awaiting a referral but have heard very positive things about them as a support network. Hope this helps! Kx

Thanks K. My OT has been to school with my ms nurse although I am still waiting on the report…I have also arranged with access to work to come in and complete an assessment. I would love to reduce my hours as the fatigue is simply overwhelming at times as I am sure you know…however my partner is not that supportive of the idea…which in itself causes more stress!! The main thing that is playing on my mind is something my Ot said about my head. That if he feels the service he provides does not ‘allow’ fir part time staff then he does not have to provide it as a reasonable adjustment. Im in Atl union as was told they good for staff who work in independent schools. To be honest we have very few rights…lots to think about!!

Hi, no wonder your anxiety levels are up! As the school is a private one, maybe they work to different rules as LA ones work.

But even so, Discrimination under Disability at Work, must have guidlines which you could turn to.

The OT report may turn up better results than you are anticipating. Hang on and see how that pans out and if it isn`t very favourable, then perhaps speak to the Head to discuss tweaking your hours. You never know, there may be someone you could job share with.

I hope things go well for you.


I love this forum. …thank you guys xx strange how I can talk to everyone on here and not even discussed with husband yet…thats my next job!! X:-)

Oh eck! Hope that goes okay hun.


So do I!!! :slight_smile: