Work and fatigue

Hi all, Am just asking for a little advice please. I was dx in Feb and so far only issues are residue problems with right eye due to ON and weak and painful right arm and just feeling like have constant jet lag! I am a teacher and have been working part time since dx…which has been a godsend…however our whole infant department has just moved into a new buliding. It is a beautiful old building and my new room is lovely…bright and coo whichl in this weather is a bonus. The problem is that because we are a long way from the rest of the school site we have to walk more than triple the distance we used to. I have to take the kids to the old site for assembies, P.E and music lessons and for lunch time. Staff room and other teaching rooms are up a flight of 23 stairs! Sad that I have counted! As well as having to park further from our new building. Even after these first 3 days back after half term I am finding it very difficult. I dont want to go and moan to my head of department as we are very lucky to have such a lovely new room but i do want her to understand the difficulties i am facing. My OT and M.S nurse want to come in to speak to her and see the building but she always avoids giving me a straight answer, even when i give specific dates…so I have said they can come and see me and the room this Thursday. I have a teaching assistant who can take the chn to their lessons on the old site but I also have to go to make sure they reach their destination safely…they are only 4/5 years old. Not sure what to do for the best. What do you think?!! Oh, forgot to mention in this essay that also have arranged for access to work to come and see what kind of adaptions may be needed… will this include sorting this issue out? Emma x

Hi Emma,

Yes AtW will talk about getting you a nearer parking slot; classroom near the main facilities in fact these things come under ‘reasonable adjustments.’ As in the Equalities Act these things are NOT putting anyone else out; see


Thanks for the information!

You are not exactly a subtle robot, are you?

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