Worrying about my work decision

So, I have made the decision to reduce my hours at work and go part time (putting in the request tomorrow). I know, it is the right thing to do as I am really struggling with full time hours, but I am just so worried about money. I have worked it out and should be ok but losing a fifth of my money seems loads at the mo. Just needed to share

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ms makes a total mess of everything you always thought you needed.

it sounds like you have really thought this through so good luck.

enjoy the new relaxed you!

carole x


The adjustment might be hard initially, but as you’ve worked out your finances & know money will be ok, try to focus on the benifits you’ll gain with fewer hours to work & less stress. Hopefully you might see an improvement healthwise too

Rosina x


Hi ya

I made the decision to cut my hours down by one day a week so I now do 30 hours a week instead of 37.5. Best decision Iv made. Also when it comes to your finances you may find that because you are earning less you wont get taxed as much xx


Hi, do you claim dla or pip as it is now known. I don’t know if you would qualify or not but just wondered if you were aware that you can claim dla/pip and still work. It is not a means tested benefit. Sorry if you know all this already.



Hi, I wrote a long post but timed out. So i’ll keep it short Well done, " no pockets in shrouds my Dad used to say."

I also went part time it is financially tough, but your health is more important good luck and your already looking after yourself by doing this so I won’t sign off saying take care.


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The forum is acting a lot like us MS sufferer’s timing out if all too much. Hehe


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If you do get DLA or PIP, you’ll be able to get the disabled component of working tax credits as long as you work over 16 hours a week.


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You will be paying proportionally less tax and NI contributions, so it might not be as bad as you expect, and definitely better for your health.


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Like Flowerpot says you will be paying much less tax and NI so it may not be too bad.

The decrease in hours will help you loads. I did me before I retired through ill health.


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Thanks everyone, I have put the request in so have just got go wait and see if it’s approved

all the best with this mate- i am starting back in 2 weeks after being diagnosed, and am letting my employers know about it tomorrow (am a teacher so rarely anyone around during the long break), as i should be starting as a head of department in a new school, which is an academy (not known for their sensitive/ compassionate approach to illness). wish me luck!