Work or not

Hi All…hope you are all feeling well.

I have been having thoughts of packing in work lately and would value some input from anyone with experience or thoughts about it.

I have worked all my life and am lucky enough to have been healthy until hit with this awful illness in 2013, been diagnosed just over a year. I found it difficult to manage full time and the physical side of the job so the company I work for have created a new office based part time role for me, I feel really lucky to have this.

I receive a small wage, tax credits and PIP so money is not an issue at the moment. I do sometimes feel like it would be better not working and having more time to myself. What would be available (ESA etc.) if I decided not to work ? And how do people feel without the pressure/stress of work?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi Anon,

I am retired due to MS. You need to be carefull when deciding to give up your employment.

I think, if you voluntary give up work, you may not be able to recieve ESA because you are making yourself unemployed. You may qualify for JSA after a period of time.

You will need your employer to terminate your employment on the grounds that you are “unfit to work”. Then you may have a better chance.

Also, would the ESA, (there are 2 Rates, work related and support group payments). Would they cover the loss possibly of your Tax Credits and salary ?

Personally, I think you are better off working, you have an understanding employer and a reason not to dwell on your MS and the time may come when you have no option.


I had to give up work as the physical side was impossible, I couldn’t communicate or cope. I had a heart attack and that swung it. That was 3 years ago, I’m 40. I used to have to dose my self to the eyeballs with codeine to get through a day and lucozade just to try and keep energy up…but I was just making myself a lot worse. Even after collapsing, I was still trying to get ready to go to work! Crazy! In the end, after a surgery and getting a lot worse, I got MS diagnosis. I gave up work. At first I was gutted. I missed the people, the social side, earning a wage. For a long time I felt guilty, still do at times, as I’ve always worked. But I had no choice when I look back. It was madness trying to carry on. Nowadays I’m happier. I don’t have the stress of work, of constantly pushing myself too far to get through a day. I’m lucky in that my husband works and earns just enough to keep us. Perhaps one day I will return to work but I know it’s not an option yet. I wish you luck whatever you decide and hope you are ok xx