Can't get my head round the site log-in & navigation

Hi all

I’ve been a multi-forum user for yonks but this new one is really tricky. Why does it have to be? I’m still not sure who I am yet…(one of several rejected attempts at logging-in)

I note that every special group listed as available is a “closed group” & needs an invite to join. What’s with that? It’s very unwelcoming for newcomers…No apparent way of finding out how to get round it. But then I suddenly find that I’m here in the PPMS group, able to post…? So what’s going on with that?

A menu for moving around doesn’t seem to exist. And what’s happened to the usually trusty back button? Each time I click that (because I can’t find any other way) it decides it’s been in a huddle with me long enough & goes off for a fag “refresh” break. I thought that sort of time limiting thing went out long ago.

Why is this text size default set so TINY that I can barely see it? Hah, just seen something that might fix it… No, it doesn’t. It gives that silly code brackets things which might mean I might be able to read it when it posts. If I can get to that stage…

I thought MS folk often have eyesight problems, yes? So why so small ?
MS folk often have cognitive problems, yes? So why are things here still made so TRICKY?
Where are the list of FAQs and HELP topics?

At this moment, I just can’t be bothered with the difficult struggle.
I WAS going to ask about balance & how others cope when it gets bad. But no energy left…

This is from me but I don’t know who I am yet :slight_smile:
But best wishes to all you PPMSers from me anyway.
If I find out what parsing URLs means AND I can get back here again, I will let you know…

Shoooot, I thought I knew what I was doing BUT wooow after looking at this post my brain gave up.  I will continue to bumble along in my slooooooooow way not understanding much but enjoying the sitetoungeTake care folks, Mthumbsup

Hi Sharlene, welcome to our little community. Always nice to have a new member.

See you on here again soon I hope,

Pat x

Hi each, I too am somewhat frustrated with the new site and have said so on many occasions - asking for some kind of help screen to guide newcomers through the sludge!

I think one of the main complaints is the size of the print - far far too small.  I have to go into zoom to 125% to be able to read the pages, but then that changes the page sizes at the bottom so to go onto the next page causes soooooo much trouble.

I am bumbling along trying to get in the groove, but it is such hard work, I just run out of patience and give up.

Regards to you all,  Ann

I learnt a trick recently which helps a lot... on your keyboard press the control button 'ctrl' and at same time press the + (plus) button... the screen gets bigger. 

To reverse, press 'ctrl' and the - (minus) button.

Pat x

Nice one Pat, Iike it a lot. Thanx Ann