Just a Stephen lion thought: Is it just me or.........

Hello people, friends and fellow MSers. Hope you are all as well as can be.

My question and thought is this. Is it just me or is this new site difficult for people with cognitive issues (I’m no technophobic and don’t mind changes and up grades if it makes life easier, surely a site for PWMS should be easy to use for all MSers.)

I have sight and cognitive issues and the old site allowed me to enhance the text size. I have a big screen laptop set at 140% and I still have to type this not being fully able to see the small letters. As for all the “enhancements” I am having difficulty even beginning to understand them. The whole set up is making my headache and eyes have double vision which is very weird for a one eyed lion :roll: .

For all of the consultation and working for the benefit of the forums users I think that this is a backward step and until text size is sorted I am sorry but I will be unable to post or answer posts.

For me the forum set up is causing my old fiend Fattie Glue and my Mutual Spectre to nick all my spoons (Google “spoon theory”)

One more point not sure if others have mentioned it. On the old site you could answer individual posters now you cannot, why?

The rest of the site has improved but the forum changes are stopping this very sad old lion to stop posting :cry: (No sympathy please I just want folk to miss me :lol: !!!)

I hope the computer team can make this forum more accessible to us with cognitive and visual issues, otherwise I will no longer beable to take part on this forum. Shame :frowning:

My question on these two issues is.
“Is it me or are others finding it the same??”

the crying lion barking… :?