Can you habe ON without vision loss ?

I have pain on eye movement that is not clearing up, but no vision loss. It’s been 4 days. Can you have optic neuritis without vision loss ?

Thank you

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As i understand it, no. ON is, in short, inflammation of the Optic Nerve which in turn causes anything from blurred vision, to temporary total loss. Fast action with Steriods is the usual treatment to fend off the possibility of any long term scarring damage, although some people have no residual damage at all after the event. From memory and after 2 bouts of ON thats how it was explained to me.

I was asking myself exactly that a few years ago and it did turn out to be ON.

Vision changes did come but it was pain to begin with and pain was by far the worst symptom overall - my eyes just hurt like hell! I also didn’t get the classic double or blurred vision.

So it can definitely vary, but having said that eye pain can be caused by many other things so wouldn’t jump to conclusions yet. Hope for you there’s another explanation - fingers crossed x

I was about to ask a similar question! I currently have new symptoms affecting my vision. Slight blurring and double vision, and when I move my eyes it feels like it takes a second for my brain to ‘catch up’ with my eyes. No pain though which makes me doubt it’s ON. It’s making me really nauseous though, feels like I’m in one of those rollercoaster simulatior rides!

I hope this passes for you & you feel better soon. We are stronger than we feel xx

My first symptom was ON. I had no pain and no actual loss of vision. What did happen was that one eye stopped moving past the mid-point. If I looked left everything was fine but if I looked right I had double vision all because one eye didn’t go past the mid point. It took about 12 months to get fully better (by degrees over time) and another two bouts and several years before I was Dx’d with MS (there were other symptoms on the way).

You might have subtle changes to (for instance) colour vision or other vision deficits that you aren’t even aware of. The brain is very good at compensating for below-par visual inputs because it predicts what we’re seeing, and that’s what we ‘see’ even if the inputs aren’t great. That has happened to me. Vision issues ALWAYS need checking out.

If this info helps - I saw an eye specialist today, and also my MS nurse. It’s not ON, it’s an issue with the messages going from my eyes to my brain. I’m so glad it’s not a vision problem, but of course am concerned as it seems a new lesion may be causing this new symptom. Got another appt on Wednesday to hopefully find out more and decide whether steroids needed. I hope you are feeling better xx

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