Can MS mess with menstrual cycle? (note, a little gross)

Folks, some reassurance please! My last few cycles have been spacing out, getting quite late, and I feel like I’m on the cusp of something…you know…coming out, I get a little brown blood but this cycle I’m now on day 33 and I haven’t started yet, just brown again. I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant. This has been happening over a few months now. It’s worrying me. Could it be MS or is there something else I have to worry about? I never used to be so irregular!

I think this is definitely worth a visit to your GP. Although hormones do affect the MS. (Oestrogen seems to protect you up to a point). I have never had periods similar to that what you describe. Except on the onset of Menopause.


Hi, I don’t think this is MS, although you don’t say what treatment, if any, you’re on for MS. I’m sure some of the common drugs CAN mess with the menstrual cycle, although I can’t remember offhand which ones. At least one of the DMDs, I think? Anyway, it does need checking, but could be something quite harmless. I’ve had similar whilst on the pill - spotting when I shouldn’t, and never quite sure if something was imminent or not. It turned out I was just not on quite the right dose or formulation for me. Switching to a different one fixed it completely. Of course, won’t apply if you aren’t on the pill, but there still might be a harmless explanation. I’m 46 now, and have definitely found the “monthlies” don’t always stay the same as we get older. I used to be 28 days on the dot, but then they started getting closer and closer - sometimes down to a ridiculous 21 days! Not being the same as you’ve always been isn’t always indicative of a problem, as things do change. Still worth getting it checked, though. Tina

Thanks guys.

Tina, I was on the pill for two years but came off it in February because I wanted to be able to try for a baby later this year and I know it takes about three months for your cycle to sort itself out. (When I say try, we’re having to have IVF with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis to try and stop a disease being passed on, so natural pregnancy is not an ideal situation) My cycle came back fine straight away, but since about May I’ve been struggling. If I’m honest, because I have awful problems with my bladder and sometimes my bowel and, as such, I’ve just thought well, since the cervix needs to contract to get the blood out then maybe it’s just my ms messing that up as well? I certainly don’t feel pregnant, whatever that feels like, but I don’t feel like I’m about to get my period either, and I usually get very painful cramping on my first day especially just before it hits.

An unusual one. I’m currently on day 33 so I’ll stick it out a couple more days I guess and go from there. I need to see my GP soon for a referral to a continence nurse so I’ll mention it then.