Heavy and more frequent menstrual cycles

hello I was diagnosed with MS of October 2012, i have always had irregular cycles but since being diagnosed and on Avonex i am having the craziest cycles, I am currently going through another one after 18 days :(, my question is has anybody else noticed more frequent, extremely heavy, and also feeling worse with MS symptoms? I know when it is coming now as my body temp rises, I have extremely sore hips and feet when I have it and headaches, blurry vision and cognitive blah! and I am just wondering if anybody else has noticed their menstrual cycles also going hay wire? I have spoken to my doctor who said because of my age they wont doing anything about getting rid of menstrual cycles permanently even though I am def done with having anymore children! thanks :slight_smile: x

If I were you, i would ask your GP to refer you to see a gynaecologist. I was having loads of problems with mine, due to me having poly cystic overies. They sorted me out now, by putting me on the pill and metformin and gave me cream to help get rid of my excess facial hair. It has all worked well and my cycle is regular for the first time ever and i feel so much more confident. I still have bad cramps for a few days, but apart from that it’s fine, love Bex xxx