Can MS affect your tongue?

Odd question but can MS affect your tongue? Everything tastes funny and my tongue feels numb :-/

Hi My tongue doesn’t feel different but I certainly don’t feel like I get the same enjoyment with food as before. I never really ‘fancy anything’ and my taste doesn’t seem to be the same X

hi peeps think its down to the tabs we take i wake and brush teeth strate away cos my mouth feels like gandis flip flop lol. have a look at the side effects for tabs you take. x

Hiya, My tongue feels odd too. It goes numb along one side quite often. Also taste is affected. Nurse said its a sensory thing. Kate x x

Yes! It was one of my first symptoms. My tongue felt too big for my mouth and a bit sore. I honestly thought I had bitten my tongue in the night and I had a lisp. Ignored it at first but when I got into work I found I couldn’t write properly and the next day my speech was slurred. Then I realised there was something really amiss …

Tracey x

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Hi, altered sensation in my tongue ( numbness down left side, slurred speech) and all food and fluids (except white wine) strangely enough, tasting of pure salt were the initial symptoms I encountered. Still after 13 years have days when my tongue acts like it doesnt belong to me and my speech is slurred. more noticeable when I am tired. My sense of taste did return however over the years following relapses my ability to taste food has diminished greatly, which is a bumma. The good news is that my ability to taste white wine remains as good as ever. Joy x


yes! i had huge relapse-3/4 of my tongue was affected. caused choking and eating probs BUT also gave me opportunity to eat stuff in cupboard i had avoided such as tuna! couldnt taste it so my mum couldnt speak for laughing when i told her! laughing aside its not pleasant and my taste did come back about 80%

I love your style Joy! My kind of priority :slight_smile: x


Yes it was my first symptom my tongue felt numb when having a drink then 6 hrs later the whole of the right side of my face went numb including right side of my mouth gums and palate. On my first MIR scan it showed my trigeminal nerves had been affected on both sides. I didn’t get any left sided symptoms until 2 months later still have them and don’t expect any improvement now 2yrs and 3 mths after first attack.

Don’t get a lot of taste from my food just a little bit of feeling down left side of tongue. Bonus when you go to the dentist don’t feel any discomfort when having teeth scaled and polished.

I was going to ask the same question. My tongue feels like I have burnt it. Horrible sensation. And stuff doesn’t taste right :frowning: x

Hi Amanda, That’s the one sensation I have had continually for months now!!! Drives me mad as I spend ages trying to recall if I have actually burnt it!!! Kate x x

[quote=“tenaka07”] Hi Amanda, That’s the one sensation I have had continually for months now!!! Drives me mad as I spend ages trying to recall if I have actually burnt it!!! Kate x x [/quote] Horrible, isn’t it? I have only has this for a day or 2 but it is already annoying me. But to have it for months…poor you! X

It’s spread to the side of my face including lips. Drinking is er interesting :-/

Hi Ive had a burning tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue for weeks now was thinking I was alone but I may now phone my ms nurse see what she thinks but may also see my dentist as it’s starting to get me down I hope its nothing g to do with my ms as I’ve been quite good for a while now thank goodness so your not alone let me know if you find anything out and I’ll do the same Sam xx

I think so because when I went numb on one side so did my tongue go numb on that side.

I have a red tongue instead of pink. Has anybody else have this? Calalily

I’m the same don’t enjoy food because I can’t taste it, but get this one lieu get in bed the other night I could smell someone smoking a pipe usually I have random smells of car fumes. What a crazy illness we have.

Hi choc orange, you really are always so positive. I hate tuna as well.

Your tongue is a muscle, MS affects nerves that affects muscles. So the simple answer is, yes .

My question was really: my tongue is dark red as opposed to pink. Is this common? Calalily.