Can I give blood?

I have a current diagnosis of CIS but my Neuro says it’s more than a 99% chance that it’s MS. Awaiting results for lumbar puncture, VEP’s and 2nd MRI. Could be worse, getting my head around it all slowly. Does anyone know if I can still give blood? Thanks, Amanda.

Probably not. They don’t take blood off people with MS for two good reasons: (1) they don’t take any chances with the health of people so sick that they need a blood transfusion and (2) people with MS need their own blood more than anyone else does! I expect that all this applies to someone who does not have an MS dx but in whom MS is strongly suspected.



Agreed Alison…Terry


Thanks Alison and Terry. Finding myself thinking about questions I’ve never had to consider before. The irony in all this is I’m actually a bit of a control freak by nature, haha!


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