Giving Blood

I just saw an advert for giving blod and wondered if you can give blood if you have MS? Does it depend what MS meds you are on?


No, not allowed, sorry.

The “official” line is that it’s to protect our own health, since we aren’t well.

But although there’s absolutely no evidence that MS is a transmissible disease, I can’t help feeling that because the exact cause is unknown, there’s a public safety angle too - though this is not officially acknowledged.

It’s quite ironic, really, because I’d never even had a blood test 'til I was past 40, so I was quite phobic about it, and could never even have contemplated giving blood.

After being investigated for MS, I’d had so many blood tests that I’d grown used to it, and felt it wouldn’t be such a big deal any more…

Only to find that now I was ready, they wouldn’t let me anyway.


Hi, it seems such a shame when they are crying out for blood, I gave blood since I was eighteen and now because of MS I can’t I really don’t understand why. Karen

That is a shame. I haven’t been able to give blood for years due to migraine meds but was thinking maybe I could as I am on a different med than when I last tried.

Can you still donate organs after your death if you have MS?

I guess I am thinking I will be useless if I get a DX of MS and this makes me want to do more thnigs to prove I am not useless :frowning:

It’s strange the things you think of when life creates uncontrolable changes.

Yes you can still donate your organs.

A specialist would check your medical history before the actual ‘procedure’ commenced.

To my knowledge the only exceptions to being able to donate organs is HIV and CJD - both of which are a no-no.

The UK MS Tissue Bank is also another option - the organs are donated for research.

Debbie xx

Thank you Debbie. :slight_smile:

Hi, I havent been allowed to give blood since I was dxd with suspicious cells in the cervix…when I was 31…i`m 59 now.

But the tissue bank would be keen to get our bits and pieces after we`ve gone.

luv Pollx