Giving Blood

Does anyone know if, as a regular users of rebif injections, I am able to give blood?

Also, is it advisable or do the side-effect bring on fatigue and other symptoms?

Thanks for your advice and information.

I was a blood donor for many years, but when I had my first neuro ‘event’ I was no longer allowed to give blood. I was told they couldn’t risk taking blood from someone who had demyalination because no one knows what causes it… shame really, as I just missed out on donating my 50th pint!

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Hi, Unfortunately anyone with MS can’t donate blood. Xx

Yep we msers are not allowed to give blood :frowning: shame really :frowning: I’m ever so grateful for those that do as without them I know for a fact I wouldn’t be here now. I lost nearly 8pints of blood having my little boy. Just wish I could donate too. Apparently though even if I didn’t have m.s I would not now be allowed to as I have received blood! X

I wonder has anyone ever gone on to develop m.s. as a result of being given blood donated by someone with m.s.

Guess a lot of us have given blood pre-diagnosis…

I was told that the reason we can’t give blood is because it might make us unwell rather than the fear that we would pass on MS. I had to give up donating about 2 years before MS symptoms because I had 3 episodes of fainting despite following all the advice before donating. It just didn’t agree with me and they were spending too long bringing me round to make it worth their while :wink: I think I was also having more than my share of drinks and biscuits afterwards too!

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Just demonstrates how little is known about it really.

Similar to carrot-cruncher, I too had been donating blood for years but was unable to continue after being diagnosed 4 years ago, a few pints short of the 50th.

Quite bazaar really as the consultant said the scans showed evidence of historical neuro damage pre-dating the episode that led to diagnosis.

Seems I’d had MS for some considerable time without knowing & continuing to give blood. Never any adverse effects after the donations though.

Got a nice card & letter from the Blood Transfusion people aftrer I’d stoppped.

I read on another forum that someone had a partial liver transplant from a person with MS. The recipient became ill with MS as well,so the donor authorities don’t let people with MS donate blood. They didn’t let us donate before this either as not enough is known about how we got MS.

I have a rare blood type but still ‘not needed on voyage’, as they used to say.

That’s disappointing and quite archaic. In the US we can absolutely donate blood, plasma, and platelets. MS is not considered exclusionary.

Hi unfortunately being diagnosed with MS. We are told, we cannot give blood. I had to stop, been giving since I was 17, I’m now 32. Such a shame I have to stop, but is understandable

Hi Lina ginger,

Very old post you added to.

You’re right , people with MS can’t give blood, but we can donate organs as the recipient can make the decision as to wether to accept or not.

We’re useful for something!


I had to stop as well - but I thought it was to do withe the drugs they make me take - copaxone etc