Well you wont pass the m.s. on to anyone....

if you keep wearing that mask …’ said the GP when I went to see her recently. Was she jesting??

Hiya , Sometimes I reckon doctors don’t think before they speak , and end up saying the stupidest of things !! Best to just shrug off that comment .

what a plonker…honestly, and their a GP…God help us.

Jean x

I used to have a GP that made really off comments about things, very helpful GP but often engaged mouth before brain. I wouldn’t worry about it, just a GP saying something odd, we all do it, even well trained professionals as it turns out!

but was the g.p. implying that m.s. could be ‘caught’ - i.e. passed from one person to another - interesting thought ??

It can not be past on through breath, or any droplets in your breath. In fact, MS is in no way contagious, through any sort of contact with someone else.

The only possible one is blood, I have been told I am banned from donating blood, as it is not entirely 100% sure how safe it is or is not for someone with MS to donate blood to someone without MS. This was 6-7 years ago, so this may now be outdated info, I do not know for sure. But don’t worry, you definitely cannot pass it on through regular contact with any one, or breath, coughs, etc.

Yeah donating blood is a no no if you have MS, but thats only because theres no proof either way if MS can or cannot be passed on via blood transfer.

Blood donation is not practiced yet organ donation is. Apparently this is because there is no way the recipient or medics will know who’s blood it is and obviously, if the donor has ms. Organ donation however is an informed choice.

Hi, my friend is a phlebotomist. The reason we can’t donate blood ? It would fatigue us too much and take us too long to make up the deficit. X

Well That person is a walking miracle. Hallaleliuia!

Honestly some people are so full of the brown stuff.

Jean x

but what if in its early stages M.S. or the virus that could cause it was infectious in the early stages?

Multiple Sclerosis is caused by your body itself. There is no ‘virus’ or ‘germs’ that can escape your body and attack others like a certain pandemic currently going.

are you sure - could a viral infection have triggered off the m.s. process in the first place?

The exact causes of MS are currently unknown. It’s root is thought to be an issue in Chromosome 6 of our DNA, which is the chromosome that structures our immune systems. Although what exactly triggers it in the first place is unknown. Either way, MS is not contagious to any degree. The National MS Society states this on their FAQ, in case that will help calm your concerns more than random people on an internet forum: Multiple Sclerosis FAQs | National Multiple Sclerosis Society

redirect left…you are very knowledgable…do you read a lot?


Biology, and science in general was my strongest topic at school and beyond. Little did I know that knowledge would be used quite a lot later when I came down with MS :frowning: I have also read a lot of stuff though, the science strong point definitely helps to absorb and understand the papers I am reading though.

I actually went to the transplant people a few years ago to ask about donating a kidney to my daughter, and was told that I was not allowed to as there was an outside possibility that I could pass the MS on to her. That would then be on top of her having a slightly increased chance of getting MS because I have it. Of course on top of kidney failure, no one would want that, but I was devastated at not being able to be considered. Mind you given how much the three lots of surgery I’ve had recently have each affected my MS, I guess any extra surgery wouldn’t really be contemplated anyway now. So I guess that’s why live organ donation wouldn’t be considered. I don’t know whether having MS stops you being a cadaveric donor.