giving blood

Hello everyone,

I have had MS for 30 years but I have always wanted to do my bit and give blood. Some doctors say that me doing without a pint of the good stuff might cause harm to me, but others say that because science is yet to find out where MS comes from, then they do not want blood from someone with MS. Does anyone know if my blood would still be rejected, or could this now be useful?


Here in the Irish Republic it’s a No. Ms has a permanent deferral.

Sorry Moira,

Nowhere in the UK will take blood from a diagnosed MS person.


once dx’d our blood isn’t wanted.

Used to donate in the pre-m.s. days - wonder if it ever caused any problems for the recipient - hopefully not.

O/t a bit - is m.s. incidence the same for all blood types or is is more prevalent in people with a certain blood group?

Hi Moira,

Sorry to say our blood is not wanted. I used to be a regular donor. Think one idea is that we need it more to keep us as healthy as possible.

You can still be on the organ donation register, which I am. Think the recipient is given the details then can make their own decision.

Hope that helps.

Jen xx

I also used to donate blood prior to my 30s, when I had a pre-cancer condition. So that barred me even before this did.

But honestly speaking, if I wasnt me, I wouldnt want blood from me!


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Thank you to everyone for commenting. It is a shame that our blood just isn’t wanted as some days I would be willing to give them the lot! I am on the MS tissue bank though so I will end up in a glass beaker at some stage. Thanks again,


At least you will have donated to medical science then!