Can anyone interpret one blood test result please?

Hi all…me again

I have an appt at the GP in the morning and Im tryng to collate all my past test results along with a concise list of symptoms especially through this recent episode.

When I was searching through my little pile of paperwork I came across this blood test result.

It said…“Protein electrophoresis revealed a slight polyclonal increase in the gamma region”

Does anyone know what this means and could it be MS related?

Thanks again as always

Mandymoo xx

Hi Mandy,

It’s posted at last!

Never heard of that one. I could Google, but I’m sure you’re just as good at Googling as I am.

I will say, though, that it’s very unlikely to be MS-related, as, to my knowledge, there’s no blood test that reveals or even points to MS. The only reason they do blood tests at all is to rule out other diagnoses - not to look for MS.

Hope that helps,



Just to reinforce what Tina has said, at onset I was tested for (amongst others) Devic’s disease, Lyme disease, ans B12 deficiency. The Neuro actually said “So that we can rule them out” - just like that.


OK, in the end, I couldn’t resist Googling (a sure sign of someone with too much time on their hands).

Apparently, a “polyclonal increase in the gamma region” could be associated with some kind of connective tissue disease, including lupus. This family of diseases would fall under Rheumatology, not Neurology (but doesn’t mean they can’t have neurological symptoms).

However, as it has been described as “slight”, I’ve no idea whether it would have any clinical significance. If it was a glaring pointer to anything, I’m sure that would have been picked up at the time. It’s definitely nothing to do with MS though.


Thx Tina and Geoff i kinda knew there was no specific blood test for ms but as you here so often on here, I just need some answers. Ive beein investigated for Lupus in the last few months but bloods came bk negative other than more systemic inflamation…non specific as bloomin always! Plod plod…slowly slowly catch a monkey lol Mandymoo x take care