can anyone give me some advice

hi dont know if i am on the right page for this or reading to much about symptoms i am getting,four months ago i had a cold when the cold was at its worse i was at work and lost my sight in my right eye for about an hr , then about 2 months later i started to get pins and needles in my legs and it was driving me mad , went to see my gp and was sent to see a neurologist was told i have to have a mri scan( which is this wk) since going to see him i have had pins and needles in hands and they feel like they are numb,i have spasms where my legs feel like lead weight and i have spasms at the bottom of my back also my joints ache at night when i am in bed . any suggestions

thanks for reading x

Hey It’s hard to say what’s wrong and easy to look into all sorts of illnesses on the net and worry yourself sick in the process. Your doctor has done the right thing and at least he is sending you to a neuro at least you’re being listened too. I would try not to worry too much for now until you’ve seen the neuro as you may be worrying about something or nothing. All sorts of things could be responsible for your symptoms, for now speak to your doc and get them to manage each symptom as it comes, look after yourself and don’t over do things if your not feeling quite right. The guys on her are amazing (especially Rizzo) and will always offer a kind word or some advice when needed. Take care of yourself Jojo xxx

thanks for that

Hello and welcome

As jojo has already said, there are all sorts of things that might be causing your symptoms, but you are on the right path to finding out what the culprit is.

Given that it all started with a virus, it’s possible that you’ve had a one-off attack that’s very similar to MS. The good news about that sort of thing is that it really is a one off. Even if the neuro thinks it’s not that and that it’s more likely to be a “clinically isolated syndrome”, basically a first attack of MS, ~50% of people with CIS never have another attack and so never develop MS. So the odds are pretty good for it not being MS.

I hope the MRI goes well and that you soon get some answers.

Karen x

hi had my mri and had the results back 2 wks ago it has came back clear, been to see my gp again because none symptoms have gone away she has requested a second vist to my neurologist but this time she did mention ms to me , i dont know if this is connected but i have very high blood pressure and i have to have a machine fitted for 24 hrs to see what is going on .

A clear MRI cannot rule out MS, but it makes it very unlikely. High blood pressure is a risk factor in stroke / TIA which cause neurological symptoms, and it may cause symptoms on its own too (I’m not a medic so not sure) - it sounds like it may be the answer to your symptoms. Hopefully you’ll find out soon.