Just been Diagnosed


I have been looking on here for the last couple of weeks and have finallly decided to join.

I am a 42 year old male. My problems started in 2009 when i had problems with my left eye, I had poor vision for several weeks. I was treated for an eye infection at the time and was eventually referered to an eye specialist. I was told that i had a pale optic nerve and if i had a repeat of the symptoms to get refered back.

Over the last few years i have always had problems with my vision but just tried to live with it. At the back end of last year my optician refered me back to a eye specialist. The specialis sent me for a mri scan. I had the scan at the end of December.Since the middle of December i have been suffering from a lot of pins and needles. Over the last few weeks i have been suffering with really heavy,numb legs espically my left leg. My eye specialist refered me onto the neurologist.

I had my appointment two weeks ago with my neurologist and he said that i had a number of brain lessons and said that my optic nerve was inflammed when i had the mri scan. He said that in his oppinion i have benign ms. And that it all started in 2009. He said that he will monitor me as he wouldn’t recommend any dmd drugs at the momment because of the side effects.He recommended that i take vitamin D and also that my son’s should also take the vitamin D

At the moment i am really struggling with my legs as they are always feeling heavy and ache with pins and needles. I had a follow up appointment with my ms nurse the other day and she said she would ask the consultant about some medication to help with the feelings i am experincing with my legs.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi I was told I had ms on Wednesday after being off work with pins and needles in hands and feet in January this year .i was put on a iv for three days and felt a lot better but still had some discomfort .was given steroids to take home because MRI showed scars in brain and spine three months later came off the steroids and saw my neurologist and put me on pregabilen and it going ok for the legs and hands hope info will help all the best.

Hi Thanks for the reply. Pleased the medication is helping you. At the moment I am finding it hard to walk long distances as my legs feel heavy and numb and have pins and needles. It is worse in my left leg and it is mainly from the knee down. I hope to hear back this week from my ms nurse about some medication.

I had my eyes tested last week as I have been struggling with my vision especially close up. In a morning I find it really difficult to focus on things like my wrist watch,mobile phone etc. I have always worn glasses for years just with single vision lenses. Now I am told I will need a bit for reading as well. My optician is recommending I go for new digital lenses as these will help me with my blured vision and be better for night time driving. Also colours will be better in my bad eye. Has anyone got any experience of these new digital lenses? Are they worth the extra money? Thanks

Sorry about the double post. I was posting on my phone and hit the back button and ended up put the same post on twice.