2 Years

Hello everyone,

2 years ago my I had problems with my vision, I was admitted to the hospital and long story short I had 3 lesions on my brain and was diagnosed optic neuritis CIS. Ive seen the neurologist 3 times since then, the last one in June said that since it had been so long and theres only a 50/50 chance of optic neuritis becoming MS he was confident it was a one off, said I would need another appointment in a year but I was basically in the clear.

Then on Thursday I woke up with numb feet, I could walk and move around ok, figured I’d slept funny. By Saturday it went up to my hips and had started tingling where my weight was - when I’m stood my feet tingle when I’m sat where I’m sitting tingles. I’m very wobbly when I walk around.

My partner dragged me to a&e because the out of hours Dr 111 sent me to thought it was an infection and told me to go to a&e for a blood test. A&e thought it could be something I cant remember the name of but is basically paralysis that spreads to the diaphragm and can cause major problems. I told everyone, every step of the way about my history.

I was admitted to hospital on Sunday night so they could keep me close incase it was the paralysis they tried to do an lp, both attempts they said were traumatic and they would try again in the morning. By Monday morning they had decided it was most likely a relapse, they sent me for a head and spine MRI which I am currently waiting for the results, told me if there are any new lesions I’ll be put on oral medication for it.

2 years and we thought I was in the clear now I feel like I’m back at square one.

Sorry for the long story but it feels good to get it all down in writing.

WOW what a shocker that must have been for you. I have RRMS and I suppose like my many others we are fearing of it switching to Secondary MS and associated significant decline in our disability. I just wish though I could clear the pins and needles pains as think I would be able to live with the other disabilities. Regards

That’s rotten luck - I am really sorry that more neurological trouble has come to your door. Good luck with whatever comes next.


I didn’t have the pins and needles last time, would happily go back to the optic neuritis and migraines if it meant I could go to the shop without my legs feeling like I’ve run a marathon.

Yes I am the same. Could live with muscle stiffness and back pain but pins and Needles are a bugger. Sometimes I can get relief when I take max allowable Dose of Gabapentin but then I am zonked. Hope you can get at least intermittent Relief. Regards

I tried ibuprofen when it started because I thought it was a trapped nerve, didn’t make any difference so I haven’t taken any more. Waiting for my MRI results, dr says if there’s new lesions he will start me on methylprednisilone tablets. Till then I’m just waiting