Can anyone explain the symptoms in my legs?

Hi Folks,

It’s pick your brains time again!!

A couple of night/ days ( & today) I’ve got this really strange problem with both legs (to add to my ON & vertigo. Lovely!) & I really can’t find the words to describe it (my hubby would say that’s amazing for me Ha Ha!)

It happened the night before I developed ON last week. Both legs felt a bit like the muscles do just before you stretch when you’ve got cramp. The thigh & calf muscles have this really odd feeling in them. I really can’t describe it at all. I’ve had problems with muscle spasms when a muscle just tightens on it’s own but this is different.

Any ideas from your own experience?


Hi Susie

Yes. I get this too. Mine is very painful when the calf muscle goes into spasm. I would say that the pain is 3 times as bad as cramp. I am on Baclofen, Gabapentin and Amitriptyline for the pain which usually happen when I rest and trying to get to sleep. The physio described it as my brain telling the muscles to work when I am resting so the messages are getting confused.

I was diagnosed 10 years ago and this is a fairly new symptom.

Hope yours don’t last too long.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

I think your message explains what’s going on beautifully. I guess that the brain telling the muscles to work when they’re at rest is a really good way of explaining everything very well.


Physio said to do calf stretches before bed and this has really helped. When I am washing my teeth I stretch on my leg by pushing one leg back and pushing the ankle to the floor untiI I feel the stretch in my calf. I do about 5 of these on each leg. Give that a go.

Shazzie xx