can anybody hear me?

Hello good people.

Carers appear and my poor ears are subject to a volley of complaints about their schedule. Then I hear about back problems and how the bedroom carpet is not that good for the two meters they have to move the hoist. I spent all of Thursday morning putting their accessories into drawers and labelling them. One carer bundles in this morning looking for a barrier cream. “it’s in the drawers by the bin. It’s labelled.” I say this 3 times and get accused of being rude. But if you ignore what I say and keep scrabble around in the wrong drawers? She could have just asked.

Yesterday evening, after a particularly uncomfortable day, one jack the lad rolls in and starts trying to wind me up. I don’t need this disrespect. I’ve been kind, complimentary and patient with all my carers. I’ve also been poorly lately.

Is it really too hard to comprehend?


I can just imagine Steve.I would hate to have to rely on carers.I had to have them in after a really severe relapse years ago.It was only for a few weeks but after 1 week i told them not to bother coming back.I had,had enough of them and how they were.I was fortunate enough to have my partner here though so he could take over from them.Hope things improve for you.If they don’t try have a word with SS.

Oh Steve I feel for you, it should not be like that, it’s not asking much for them to be polite and respectful, and surely it would make their job more enjoyable and a hell of a lot easier for you.

Hope things improve for you.

Pam x

Oh Steve so sorry to hear this. It makes me so mad to hear stories like this. You deserve respect and compassion at all times. I hope you have better luck soon with your carers. Anne xx

Steve I really hope you can find the energy to replace these people who have the audacity to call themselves carers!!

Life is hard enough without having to fight the people who are supposed to help you.

Hoping you get better treatment very soon

Jan x

Hi Steve…oh the subject of carers…I could write a book!

I know how you feel about everything carer wise.

I`ve had around 15 in 9 years.

The only constant is Bev…you all know about my Bev…but she has her own family problems (dont we all?) and sometimes she`s not as available as she is contracted.

I had one girl who used my bag hanging on my wheelchair to shoplift!!! I sacked her…but oh so upsetting.

I had one who was so careless that she almost pulled my catheter out…ooooph that hurt!

I had one who continually told me about her unsavoury love life…even though I told her not to.

I had one …you know the tale.

Hubby and I ant manage without carers or even without a 2nd one to Bev nowadays.

Innit the pits!


Take it easy out there Steve.

People keep telling me to get carers to help & I say get lost.

Enjoy what you can & be around good folks, who genuinely care.

Best regards Terry

Really feel for you all that can’t do without carers.If only they could all be like ‘Bev’ life would be so much better.I only had a small taste of poor carers and that was enough.

I am a caregiver (term used by company I work for) to the elderly and am sad to hear we have a lot to improve on. However your input to the people in charge is crucial, are you asked for feedback by whoever is in charge? If we are to understand and be better carers we do need this honesty. Listening to clients and adapting our behaviour to be more empathetic and sensitive to how a client is feeling, being respectful of a person’s home and the person themselves, should be a given. However it obviously is not, from reading the posts. Individual care plans should address personal preferences/needs etc and carers given the appropriate training. If this is not happening this needs to be highlighted and urgent action taken. I do hope these issues can be improved. If the powers that be, the councils and companies involved in providing the carers, do not listen to their clients and seek to find out how their service can be improved, these issues will not go away. Your voices need to be heard and hopefully then better care can be provided.


I have reported my concerns. I have spoken to the administrators. It’s most upsetting that I have gone out of my way to be polite, considerate and appreciative to the carers. This morning my cleaner found 2 aprons stuffed into corners of the flat.

Maybe go up a level to the CQC with copies of concerns raised with relevant authority/company and continued failure to provide acceptable standards of care. It is wrong that you have all this added stress and highlighting the affect this is having on you and your health, needs bringing to their attention too. It is totally unacceptable to stuff any PPE anywhere other than the appropriate bin, I usually dispose of mine in the wheelie bin as I leave a property. If enough people voice their concerns, the CQC should look into these failures, As carers we are supposed to support and lessen stress NOT create it. There are regulations which are clearly not being met which are there to ensure standards of care are met. I am appalled and do hope you find a carer who actually meets the standards. I need to change careers soon, as my ms progresses, I might see if there are any roles going at the CQC, not sure I will have necessary qualifications but who knows.


Steve , I really feel for you , I have a team of carers but most chosen by me because I have Direct payments, and can choose my own , we had a few hiccups with the covid 19 I was so worried about catching something that I went without . Its different for me because it’s not personal care , its help around the house , help with Molly ( Autistic) the good with Direct payment was the social worker allowed Isabelle my youngest daughter 17 to help with Molly and get paid which was good . I tried not to ask for too much because she was still doing College work , but I have to say it’s been good work experience for her. I once employed a lady I thought was good but she turned out not to be …I found it hard to get rid of her I had to do because I’d lost trust. Also I did have a bad experience with an agency where they made unpleasant comments about Molly’s room and bathroom…I was hurt because I didnt employ them for me to clean up before they came and Molly being Autistic and me being disabled …yes there were things about… sanitary towels and maybe stuff you dont want to see. But that why I employed them . Sorry I’ve rambled on Steve but I get you and when it’s your personal care it is totally unacceptable that they behave this way . Michelle and Frazer


I am pleased to announce that I have posted an initial letter to the agency. I have not held back. Another copy will go to Adult Social Care. Any more ideas? All reasonable answers considered.



Well done Steve , I’m glad you’ve sent the letters, I hope that you get this sorted out Michelle and Frazer xx

I’m really glad you’ve reported your issues Steve. I know it’s stupid but I feel uncomfortable reading about bad personal care. I was forced to retire from nursing ten years ago, but I was strict when it came to quality of care. Realistically it’s a very difficult job, often working unsociable hours under a lot of pressure, being physically and verbally abused, often unappreciated and for poor pay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing their behaviour. I have been on the other side of the bed though.

Their treatment of their clients is totally unacceptable and they shouldn’t be practicing. I think the good carers should be appreciated. I hope you get assigned some of those that are professional yet also friendly. My dad was really fortunate in having good carers but living rurally as we do mum and I had to step in and act as the second carer as there is a shortage.

It’s not easy and I am so grateful that I only require a home help to make my bed etc at present. I know there will probably be a time that I also need more.

Take care


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Hello Steve. Hope things are going as well as can be expected with you. People here are wondering what you’ve been up to? Check in if you can.