Buzzing with a cheese grater thrown in!

Hi everyone Hope your all as well as can be & keeping warm. For a few weeks now I have had intermittent buzzing in my feet, but it’s not all the time & worse when I get into bed on a night. Also when I go to bed my bum cheeks feel like they have had a cheese grater rubbing them. Is this a relapse? it’s not continuas throughout the day only intermittent throughout the day Any ideas?? Thanks Sue x

It’s probably only intermittent during the day because you have more distractions then.

If you don’t have a virus or a UTI or other infection then it’s probably a relapse, but you should speak to your MS nurse.

A neuropathic painkiller should help.

Karen x

Thanks Karen, deffo no infection was at docs Monday for my MOT, urine & everything else checked Sue x