Is this a Relapse?

The past 3 days i am getting a constant buzz for a second then pause for 2 to 4 seconds and buzz again in my left foot. This is happening most of the day…

I have no other symptoms at the moment

Is this a relapse? Should I be doing anything about it?

Hi Spluff

It might be a relapse starting, but while annoying, it doesn’t sound like it’s worth getting the big guns out for just yet (i.e. steroids). You may want to run it past your MS nurse, assuming you have one. Alternatively, keep some notes for yourself as to when it started, how frequent it is, how bad it is, etc. That way, if it gets worse you will have something to compare the changed feeling to and will know when to take some more aggressive action against it.

Otherwise, it could just be a little irritation that either goes away, or you get used to it and it stops bothering you. You know how small things become ‘normal’ after a while when you’re travelling on te MS train?


Cheers Sue,

Ive had these kind of buzzing feelings before (last one maybe over a year ago and was stomach and top of right leg) and they seem to go after a day or three… Just mildly irritating…

This one seems more persistant and I do hope its not a bad sign of things to come

I have a holiday booked abroad…