Hi my left foot has been buzzing for over a week now , it’s driving me mad !! I’m on amitriptyline 50mg and had MS for 17 years and walk with a stick , not on any treatment at the moment ( my choice) has anyone experienced this ? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Elle,

I think buzzing is quite a common symptom. For me, it was one of the earliest, and associated with a relapse. Although, at the time, I wasn’t aware I even had MS, so spent some time wondering what had gone wrong with the hot water/central heating system, that was causing the floor to vibrate! It hadn’t even crossed my mind the buzzing was internal, and not caused by anything in the house.

I’ve also had buzzing in a whole leg, and in an intimate area. I’m experiencing the latter at the moment, as I’m having what I hope will turn out to be quite a mild relapse. I’m not currently disabled by it, touch wood, but I have got buzzing and reduced sensation in my lower extremities.

In my case, it’s almost exclusively linked with relapses, but I do get brief recurrences if I’m stressed, have been overdoing things physically, or am ill with something else.

I’ve never sought treatment for it, because although it’s annoying, I don’t regard it as painful, so would rather steer clear of further drugs (I’m already on baclofen, diazepam and quinine for cramps/spasticity, and conventional painkillers for non-neuropathic pain).

If you have RRMS, you may be having a relapse, or it might just be an infection.

Like you, I am not on DMDs - my choice, but with neuro’s blessing, so far, due no serious relapses for a long time (touch wood).

As none of them purport to stop ALL relapses, or to treat symptoms, I don’t really expect being on DMDs would eliminate occasional episodes of buzzing, whatever the other arguments for/against.

Neuropathic painkillers (Pregabalin? Gabapentin? An increase in your amitriptyline?) can probably dampen it down if you’re finding it really insufferable, but I’ve never bothered, so can’t report on effectiveness. I haven’t found any DIY remedies that stop it, but I can distract from it by getting really engrossed in something - book, film , or whatever.



My ms is mainly buzzing with the occasional hug. After 3 relapses in a year I’ve just started avonex injections. Just want to prevent more damage so I can be ‘normal’ for as long as possible.

Thanks guys really helps, hope you both stay well x