A new one for me

Hello team…

so it has been a while since any new / different symptoms arose… life has been ticking along quite nicely, what with my new found affection for tecfidera, sunbathing mushrooms and no end of trips to the vitamin supplement shop.

however a new challenge has arisen for the last three or so days… an intermittent buzzing in the sole of my left foot.

now don’t get me wrong, i am not complaining; it is mild, no where near to being regarded as painful and is only slightly annoying (its like i have a mobile phone, set to vibrate, in my sock) and far be it for me to asking “does this sound like MS?”…

but what has got me slightly bemused is its pulse like repetition. it is not (as has been seen with all other symptoms) a continuous sensation of varying strengths but a ‘four seconds on - four seconds off’ type pattern.

as said, it is mild. and it comes and goes. usually following a brisk walk or wrestle with my dog et cetera…

its just that the ‘on-off-on-off’ nature of it strikes me as being something unusual.

Buzzing in the foot is curious, I wish I got it more in my crouch ! - wishful thinking me thinks…

I get it in my head occasionally as though my ears are filled with wax and lots of hissing and an inability to hear anything properly,. But then I also get, what appears to be a diabetic sugar rush while I’m eating my dinner, where I lose the ability to see clearly in my eyes.

It soon passes and then we carry on.


i get this . I just ignore it though :slight_smile: used to it .

kat x

Don’t like to be a prophet of doom, but when I last had this, it was the start of a relapse. The one which led to diagnosis in fact.

Prior to that, I was unaware I had MS, and blamed the intermittent vibration on some sort of problem with the hot water pump. I had been going to call a plumber, not a doctor. That was before I lost sensation in my feet completely.

During recovery, I got a similar vibration in my thigh. That was so regular it was timeable. I think at one point I measured every eight seconds for exactly three seconds - like a lighthouse or something.

I assumed it was something to do with my natural body rhythms - either breathing or heart rate, and that if I experimented with varying these, the frequency of the buzzing would also vary, but it didn’t. I experimented with lying flat on the floor, holding my breath, and trying to slow pulse rate right down. No change to buzz frequency, so nothing to do with either breathing or heart.

I couldn’t find much in the literature about it. There must be some sort of internal clock that is regulating the frequency, but I couldn’t find any function of the brain or CNS that is operating to a regular timescale like that.


Well I’m a lady, and have had it in an intimate area. It’s not half as much fun as it sounds, and really just as depressing as all the rest. Be careful what you wish for…

Well, you may be right. But the loss of sexual intimacy is a bit of a shock to the emotional/psychological system and not just for me.

I have to work out a solution that works for both of us because I’m aware that there are always downsides to this type of gratification.

But it does help, for me, if I don’t have to rely on something like that little purple pill.

I must admit that rhythmic buzzing to different parts of the body is more rap than sex. You never know what your nerves will do at any particular time with this illness.


I have had this in my left foot and tummy. It is like someone has implanted a mobile and set it to vibrate instead of ring. Very annoying. I was told it is just another symptom. It seems to come and go. So I do my best to try and ignore it when it starts, difficult when you you are trying to go to sleep mind!

hope it stops soon. :slight_smile:


I have had this at various times - top of my left thigh, lower stomache and foot… they seem to come and go - it probably is ms related and is just mildly annoying :slight_smile:

I liken it to be sitting on a bus with the engine running along the soles of my feet,seems like i,m not the only one and when i tell my neuroligist she poo poo,s it as if its nothing i also get short sharp pins n needles in my right eye thats not pleasant i can tell you.

Thankfully the eye one is very quick and i wander if it has anything to do with the trigeminal neuralgia, arn,t we a funny lot.

Hi all… thanks for adding comments and personal experiences to this thread.

These ‘peripheral neuropathies’ of buzzing, ‘numbness’, pins and needles etc are almost all of the symptoms i have received due to the burden of MS. That it has now occurred in a new body part doesn’t surprise me.

But as said, the ‘lighthouse / pulsing’ effect of it was a novelty up until now, and so it left me wondering if it could be attributable to MS or might be another situation altogether. I guess it is ‘the devil we know’.

Still, I am very much hoping that it is not the first early salvos of a whole new relapse. I am on tender hooks currently (and will be for the next month or two) as this was the time of year my symptoms first kicked in and i am toying with the notion that some form of airborne environmental / agricultural variable might directly trigger my condition’s deterioration.

tis the season to get tingley…

I’ve not have vibration issues, but I have had rhythmic buzzing in my ears fairly often, is that likely to be the same kind of thing? It tends to do it more when I’m in bed, that’s the only time it happens lately, and has gone on for quite some time in the past, which is great when I’m wanting to go to sleep of course!

Just to say I have had the pulsating feeling in my foot and even my toes moving, ive had tests and have been told this is down to a disk prolapse not ms so it might be worth getting your back checked if you have had back problems before. Xx

I too have had the same tingling and pulsing and also have a disc bulge. Problem is I never know if it’s the disc or my Ms!

i think it’s worth having your neck and back checked out.

i know it’s getting warmer and if I get hot those symptoms return that could also be a reason.

A possibly interesting footnote (unless i am being premature)…

Today i have not had a single episode of intermittent foot buzz.

This is despite two days ago, it had seemed to kick it up a notch.

‘Co-incidentally’, yesterday was my first trip to the dentist in about 18 months. I am not a fan of the dentist. But i knew that a drilling and a filling were required.

Wimps like me should perhaps work even more than most, to appreciate how acutely MS and the tricks it plays are fuelled by one’s stresses and anxieties.