Buzzing in my body that comes and goes?

So Doctor’s think that I have MS. I’m 22 years old. One of my symptoms is that I feel like I’m buzzing/vibrating. All of the sudden, the buzzing will stop and it feel like my body stills and I get extremely weak. Does anyone else get this? I’ve super scared when it happens.

hi bethyrosie

i’m 59 years old and was dx in 2008.

i get the buzzing and weakness too.

i’ve learned to live with it but at my age most people are living with such annoyances.

it is so unfair to have ms at your age.

are you on any disease modifying treatment.

have you tried any complementary therapies.

have you tried Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).

(the last 3 sentences are questions but my question mark key doesn’t work)

don’t be scared honey

shout at it, swear at it, whatever helps.

carole x

buzz buzz buzz all day long, my legs are the worse, or the tingling, and the buzzzzzzzing in my head. sometimes if its worse ts a sign of an infection usually urinary or i have overdone things.

It is sad you are so young to possibly have this, but you will be given DMD and hopefully will be able to control it. I have a few friends young with MS, and they live pretty normal lives and they have their infusions and feel better afterwards.

buzzing can be a sign you are overdoing it or infection so it can be a warning signal too. Dont be scared treat it as a warning, slow down, pace, and make sure you dont have a urinary infection. I have had it since 2000 and i am still going strong buzz and all, oh and the other one vibrating lol but not in the good sense lol. xxx