Buzzing feeling in my legs

So this is a new one.

I had IV steroids last week for optic neuritis and that evening I began noticing a “buzzing” feeling in my feet, legs and arms.

It went away in my arms but is still in my legs. I’m assuming it’s the sciatic nerve because it’s running up the back of my legs.

It’s not there all the time, just when I walk. For example I’m sitting at my desk now and can’t feel it. But if I raise my heels and put them down on the ground, I get a rush of what feels like an electric current running up the back of my calves and thighs.

It’s unpleasant but not painful. Is this yet another relapse? Or just another symptom? Will it cause me any issues if it gets worse?


i think it is a symptom

i explained it to my neuro as being like the feeling of being under an electricity pylon

it feels like the pylon sounds

ms is really difficult to describe though.

my neuro nodded wisely and told me to up my painkillers

carole x

Might be L’hermittes? I get tingling down my back and some days that’ll travel as far as my calves just tipping my head forward a little, the neuro termed it as L’hermittes…

I guess it’s a symptom tho :wink:

Sonia x

I’ve read about l’hermittes and I don’t have that. It’s like the opposite of it because it travels from my heels up the back of my legs as opposed to from my spine down my legs.

Ah I figured it’s just related to the damage in my spinal cord from MS but just wasn’t sure if it’s something I need to alert the consultant or GP to or if I just need to suck it up :smiley:

Pigpen, yes, it feels like when my heels touch the ground that I am standing on an electric device. It’s not sore, just feels wierd. I’m not on any medication other than DMDs. I can easily live with it because as I said, it’s not sore. I was just curious as to what it is or if it’s a usual symptom.

Meme, since I had a course of steroids my legs, and feet pain have gone through the roof. My nurse thinks it could be a new relapse. Especially if no reaction for at least 24 hrs from first dose of steroids.Sensory issues are hard to treat thats what I have been told. Correct me anyone if I’m wrong. Feel the electric feeling running up and down my legs. :frowning: if anyone has any info can they please post something on helping this feeling. BE

I have similar symptoms to that. Like a buzzing esp after exercise xxx

I too have buzzing in my feet it’s weired though as it’s intermittent?? Sue

yup, the buzzing is probably due to faulty wiring.

we should all be offered a rewire.

carole x

Some days I could forget about the L’hermittes because I just don’t feel it, other times it any forward movement of my head wil send those tingles off, sometimes really obvious on my back and sometimes travelling, the worst time I felt it in my feet!

As for the pain coming upwards from the feet, I find the pain is just in my feet but the type of pain is like my bones are blade-like and that hurts!

Sonia x