But you look so well

Do you ever feel as of you are put on , asked for things that really you arnt well enough to do . I think I must look too good maybe too young or perhaps they just think my legs don’t work but apart from that I’m perfectly fine . I always try to put makeup on if I’m going out and style my hair and want to look good . Yes some days I curl up and do nothing except stay in my pyjamas all day . But im vain and still want to look attractive especially for Lee my husband but also for my own self worth …but why does it back fire and i find people asking me to do more than I can cope with …I’m not talking about my children I’d do anything for them but sometimes people will ask for more than I can give and tell me how hard their lives are , what pain they are in ect. I kind of feel like I’m fake and I’ve just got a wheelchair because I fancy the ride…oh dear don’t get me started…I must be having a bad day . I think only Frazer really knows, there’s times when I feel so stressed usually because of Molly and the autism or so tired and sick because of the fatigue and the burning legs …But I should be happy because I must look fantastic . Frazer always knows and puts his head on my knee looks up at me with his big brown eyes. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle First off don’t ever think your fake you are most definitely not. I think people who see us in a wheelchair just think our legs are bad,they don’t see the tears of frustration caused by dreadful never ending pain, spasms, stiffness, fatigue etc all the hidden stuff, so yes they think it’s possible for us to do more, but they really have no idea. I really have to bite my lip when someone says to me things like ‘i could do with your wheelchair for today cos I am tired’. I would willingly let them have my chair if they would take the Ms with it. Keep your chin up Michelle we all understand the frustration on here, take care and Alfie says woof to Fraser. Pam x

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Stay true Michelle.

I’m not even in a wheelchair, walk with severe spasticity & get asked to carry sofas & washing machines. Purely because they know I’m a grafting tough cookie. It gives them a laugh & tickles their brain cell. Mention MS & all their self inflicted problems exit their pie hole.

We sort all our problems out & make an effort. They’re just bone idle, sarcastic dim witts. Give them a clue & it confuses them.

Take it easy out there folks. PPMS is bad enough.

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Thanks Pam, those are kind words , I feel a bit of anxiety and depression has taken over me but I’ll soon pick up again . Frazer says woof to Alfie. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Terry you are a good person , I know you do a lot at your ms group. My innner voice is giving me a hard time just now . I’ve had a few days of tiredness and depression creeping in. I have loads of good friends, I think often I’m my worst enemy because I struggle to say no . I hope you are enjoying the spring days and the longer nights Terry , all my birds are out in the garden …now that’s something to feel happy about. Michelle and Frazer xx

It’s pouring down with rain here & the rag bone man is shouting, whilst checking out peoples stuff.

He’ll be back when it’s dark & folks are asleep.

Keep them spirits up Michelle & try Iodine. The experts recon filling your body with nutrients & healthy goodness is the way forward. I’ve become quite partial to Lemon Cheese Cake. I end up scoffing the lot & feel so much better after.

Watched all the different folks solutions for their PPMS journey on YouTube has become a regular thing for me. I’m either inspired or avoid their reality.

Get plenty of rest & give that body some good fuel.