You look great

Hello folks.

On a damp afternoon in Crowborough, I am just starting to recover from the frantic five-week haul of daily 50-mile round trips and clambering like a drunken walrus onto hard narrow high radiotherapy benches. It’s a tough regime for the able-bodied, let alone those of us with extra challenges. But that’s what we do.

What amuses me; and I am certainly not being critical, is that everyone I’ve met, including the medical staff, have complimented me on how well I look. In fact, I’m quite flattered that despite the trawl through the extra energy sapping burdens, I can still look good.

I’m putting it down to diet. Fresh fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. Maybe the odd dram as well?


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Hi, I’m also complemented on how well I look, all very well but when you feel like crap not helpful!