I know they mean well

I’m quite a ‘think on the bright side’ sort of person and I try very hard to not let MS beat me but if one more person says to me ‘chin up, you will be ok’, I’m going to scream. Moan over, thank you for listening.



even though it is a wish and not an observation, it can be so flipping annoying. I use my notional Taser. Feel free to borrow it.


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I get fed up with the “but you look so well!” Grrr! What exactly are they expecting to see? Quasimodo?!!!

They do mean well which, in a way, makes it worse as you feel obliged to smile gratefully.

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Don’t let the bast*rds grind you down. Next time ask to see what they see in their “well meaning” crystal ball. And what’s more, ask them how the hell they know what it’s like to live with a (thus far) incurable progressive neurological disease. And don’t get me started (again) on the “you look so well” gits either! Sometimes I look ok, mostly I look a very far cry from my much fitter, attractive (relatively at least) 20s and 30s. And the fact that some people say it every damn time I see them means that it’s always a worthless comment!!!

Sorry, having a grumpy day four of steroids day!!!

Normal, mildly moany service will be resumed by about Tuesday!

Sue x


thanks-its easier now that i just have one since ms has taken away my ability to swallow properly and i have lost 5 stone…

that usually shuts them up!


you know when you look good and you know when you look like something the cat dragged in.

so the “kind words” really don’t ring true!

i much prefer a hug and a kiss than all that kind nonsense.

i snapped at my sister when first diagnosed because she was treating me like “dead woman walking”.

“stop bloody crying every time you see me! i’m not dead yet!”

i still feel bad about it but at least it stopped her from crying!

carole xx


Well, it beats: “How long have you got?”, or: “We’ve got to go of something, I suppose.” - both of which I’ve had.

And then the mind-bogglingly blaming: “Well, you’ll have to mend your ways NOW, won’t you?” Huh? It’s not a lifestyle disease, and even if it had been, I wasn’t living on takeaways, or out every night on the piss, so I had no “ways” that would deserve this.



Oops. Back in the days when I worked in the city and often drank red wine in place of dinner. And smoked like a trouper. God, I’m so glad I did all that. And danced till 3am and snogged inappropriate people in dodgy places. If I hadn’t done that I might have felt a bit more cheated!!!


Yes Sue. It was probably me you was drinking and smoking with and I apologise about the snogging too. I do miss the good old City days!!


Never apologise about the snogging Pops!!!

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Ooooo… You’ve brought back some memories now…

One notable one was snogging my bosses ex-boyfriend, and father of her child. Didn’t realise who he was at first. A really nasty piece. Insisted on me giving him my phone number. Well, I gave him A phone number… Just not mine. He went into my works and started trying to get my home number from other members of staff… Unfortunately my Mum worked there too. Boy, did I get dragged across the coals for giving him my number - didn’t matter how many times I told her I had purposely given him the wrong number, she wouldn’t believe me!

Yep. I can look back and remember all my wild moments and at least know I didn’t miss out on much!

Happy memories! There’s a picture doing the rounds on the Web, reminding those of us over 40 how lucky we are to have had our glory days before FB - no incriminating photos lurking on an anonymous server somewhere, waiting to come back and bite us…


I’m very thankful my partying days were before the days of cameras on phones, let alone FB etc. No fear of embarrassing pics of me out late at night doing what I oughtnt …

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It seems Britain’s top party animals, snoggers and good time individuals are on the forum lol. It’s great to remember times when I didn’t have to worry about feeling knackered in the evening and making sure there is a loo nearby.

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