Burning feeling

Hi, I’ve been experiencing a warm/hot feeling on my right foot just underneath my toes. It’s been happening for the last few months. Is this another symptom of ms? So far it’s only been my left side that’s been affected mainly sensory issues. Thanks all xx

High ButlerL, I think you’ll find what you’re feeling comes under the heading ‘altered sensations’.

Have a read of this MSTrust page…


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definitely not an uncommon symptom i too suffer this weird unusual sensation in both feet, normally when sitting quiet distraction works well try and take your mind off it?

I get this across the bottoms of both feet. I’ve tried all the pain meds, nothing works except cannabis. Also if you can put your feet up and take the weight off them completely, I find that helps. It’s horrible. Praying it doesn’t spread for you!

im suffering really badly myself just been put onto pregablin tablets,please someone tell me that they will work