Burning sensation on soles of feet

Anyone else? I’m not sure of it is ms or due to being pregnant and carrying extra weight. My ms has generally been a lot better whilst I’m pregnant so it has upset me that it could be a new symptom Of my ms, especially as my right eye seems blurry last couple of days. What does everyone think, does it sound more like ms? Thanks Laura xx

Possibly could be transient as body temp rises in pregnancy and that could trigger symptoms. Suppose all you can do is wait and see Good luck!

Hi Laura

A while ago now I had this burning/itching/pins & needles in the soles of both feet. It drove me mad, it was so severe, especially at night.

Every night I had to put my feet in a bowl of really cold water before going to bed to settle it down enough to get to sleep. Sometimes I had to do that through the night as well.

I’m not diagnosed yet, so don’t know if it’s just an MS thing. However, I’m told it’s definately neurological & I take Pregabalin which is now controlling that and my leg pain.

Btw, I def wasn’t pregnant at the time, lol!

Do hope this settles down for you soon, & hope all goes well with the forthcoming baby

Bren x

Hello Laura

Years before I was diagnosed I was in admiration of guardsdmen being able to stand to attention on their feet for hours and hours. I used to get a sort of burning/tingling sensation on the soles of my feet and it kind of hurt if I stood on then for any length of time. After my diagnosis, because of serious double vision, I began to associate things that had happened to me in the past and realised that it was MS such as vision problems when reading a book in te evening, clumsy feet, urgency and a funny feeling if I stood on my feet for too long… I never bothered going to the doctor cos I put these issues down to stress, I was self employed & working all the hours available.




I sometimes get a burning sensation in feet,as well as lower and upper legs. It is an MS symptom. I hope you soon start feeing better.


Hello Cathy

Although I’m horribly healthy the SPMS has got a bit serious, Blue Badge cos I cannot walk far unaided. sqiuiffy balance, foot drop, bit unco-ordinated and low energy levels - apart from that I’m fine.

If you have a couple of spare moments take a look at my website (www.aid4disabled.com), read my wife’s blog 'Living with Him - a light hearted approach to living with a man who has MS.

SDin is shinning so its not all bad,