Burning in my feet

Last few days I’ve been getting a burning sensation in my right foot. There is no pain and only lasts two seconds. Thing is they are more regular. At the weekend I was getting 3 or 4 of these. Today its been 3 or 4 an hour. Anyone else get this?

hi - yes I get burning and ‘fizzing’ sensations in my feet. I call it the ‘feet of flames’ !

Mine started line yours. Now it’s 90% of the time and gets so bad sometimes that I can’t bear weight and I cry.

Exactly the same. Like someone’s lit a fire under my feet. Pain consultant has said it’s neurological nerve pains, reduces me to that as well tb.

I was prescribed amantadine for mine but it didn’t work and made me suicidal. Cannabis is the only thing that I’ve found that gets rid. It is neuropathic pain.

Only thing I take as well, waiting for a spinal nerve stimulator, although it might not work.


heres a thread i wrote in 2014!

the ice cubes are still effective these days when my feet flare up!


There’s no actual pain yet, does that come later. The burn is mainly in the heel but occasionally the whole foot.

Today the burning lasting slightly longer, maybe 5 seconds, mainly in the heel. Still no actual pain though.

The problem here Bretagne, is that you haven’t been diagnosed with MS. Looking back at your earlier posts, your GP didn’t think it was MS, so I assume didn’t refer you to a neurologist?

So, you’re trying to compare symptoms which may not be related to a neurological problem with people who have definitely got MS.

I really don’t want to be unsympathetic because you clearly have some very worrying problems which you need answers to.

If you are still concerned that it might be MS, try convincing your GP to send you to a neurologist for some expert advice. If s/he won’t, then if you can afford it, try for a private neurologists appointment. If they think it warrants testing further, you can always be referred back to the NHS for the more expensive tests (MRI and maybe lumbar puncture). Try to find a neurologist who has both a private and an NHS practice, that way they can refer you to themselves. And if possible, try to have that neuro be an MS specialist.

Your burning feet don’t necessarily sound like the burning neurological pain that I’ve experienced. Which lasts a lot longer than a few seconds. But that is irrelevant, because we are all different, and MS is an absolute bugger when it comes to symptoms, what one person experiences isn’t necessarily anything like what the next person has happen to them.

I do hope you find out what is causing your symptoms. Living with unexplained symptoms is horrible, and it doesn’t sound like your GP was as sympathetic as you could have done with.


Thanks for your reply Sue. Since that post I have been back to my GP who took me more seriously and asked me to make a note of all my symptoms. Therefore when new symptoms appear I become scared. Its the not knowing.

I find putting my feet in cool water helps, bretagne do you live in bretagne? I have lived in bretagne for the last 14 years

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When your symptoms last all day then i would record them. Fleeting seconds I wouldnt even bother with to be honest. burning feet can be a sign of diabetes and other diseases.

I dont get so much a burning in my feet, but really awful nerve pain in my toe in my left foot, and one toe is moving away from the other in spasms so bad i could scream. my feet just tingle and dance and sometimes i get nerve pain shoot up my foot it makes me gasp in pain but its nearly always one side.

I wrote a diary of things only the main symptoms that bothered me, and it showed most of it was on my left weakness in my leg, my leg was dead from the knee down, pins and needles in my foot, lots of wierd sensations, my leg so weak i couldnt lift it. Little stuff i didnt bother with.

I hope you find out what is wrong. If its MS believe me it will eventually show itself.

I can feel that too sometimes. It takes sometimes less than 1 minute. I wonder what is it but I never tried to go for a check up.