Broad Beans and Birthday cake

Yesterday was Heathers sisters Birthday here is a blog post about her party and some Broad Beans

Fun day was had by all.

Cold and damp here in Margate

XX Don


Nice one Don!

I remember doing that at junior school. Of course in those far-off days we used blotting paper (now there’s something young people probably don’t know ever existed!).

Have a lovely day. Raining in London.

Pat xx


Just started here Heather did manage to fill the bird feeders before it started she also has a machine load of wet washing to go in the dryer but that is in the basement which means a trip outside and downstairs. Until it stops raining it will be remaining in the machine. Our car has broken and she had to go outside to have it loaded onto the tow truck so wet enough for today I started this comment and had to go outside and watch, I am a big kid at heart. The breakdown tow truck man went to school with our eldest daughter so we have been reminiscing.

XX Don


Nice one Don, good luck with them.

I always chuckle to myself with our middle grandson, they do all these kind of things at school, but when he brings them home he always gives them to his grampy (hubby) to look after to grow.

I think he has worked out already that both his Mum and Dad are no good with plants, and that Grampy has green fingers.

So far we have had sun flowers and sweet peas, which are all doing well, but I expect there will be more later.

Have a good day everyone, heavy rain here today.

Pam x

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windy and so cold here in Leeds,when is the summer going to arrive ? dont think i am going to bother with the bedding plants this year, think it will be a waste of time dont you ?

J x

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I have just taken a photograph of the beans sun bathing in the afternoon sun. They appear to have grouped together on a tray in the dinning room floor and are just lazing there soaking up the rays.


I am still in bed yes I know it is ten o’clock but I had a rough night. All I am thinking about is the beans will they have burst into log and sprouted out of their cases today? Exciting stuff I get involved with.


Hi Don

Thinking about you thinking about the beans.

Enjoy reading your posts Don.

Thank you for sharing.


Most of them have either got roots or green leads starting to form in less than a week. Only one is not sprouting​ Mine is doing well.


My bean is the tallest it must be all the singing I have bestowed upon it. I only sing to my bean I tell all the other beans on the window ledge not to listen, they must have obeyed my wishes as they are all smaller than my tallest one.


Just put my avatar back after change it last Christmas.

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Well done Don,

I planted beans a few years ago and they did really well , until we planted them outside and all of them got eaten by the naughty slugs!

Michelle x

My broad bean is huge must be cosn I sing to it.