Sunny days

Me and Frazer have been busy planting things. I’d bought a bag of compost and had a load of seeds. Outside my window I have a little herb patch. Today we planted lettuce and cucumber and sweetcorn and tomatoes. The sweetcorn and tomatoes are in the greenhouse. I felt so tied after but it was a happy tiredness, I felt that I’d achieved something big. I’ve had a few sad days where I’ve really missed my Dad , he died last September, he loved his garden and when I was a little girl he always let me help him plant vegetables and flowers. I think he would be pleased at my efforts today. Michelle and Frazer xx


I miss my dad, he died January 2018, my dad was not a gardener at all, was quite happy to let my mum do the garden, the pottering around not hedges and grass but flowers. My mum has been talking about their wedding anniversary, which is in July. I think it will be a difficult time as they would have been married for sixty years this year. He was a very popular person his funeral was packed and he had a good send off. I hope you have good memories like I do which helps. Kay

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Nice to think you’ve been enjoying the sun and thinking of your Dad, whilst doing something he loved. Sonia x


Aww Kay it’s so sad , i feel for you, my mum and Dad had been married 55 years , Mum had met Dad when she was only 16 and they were married young and had us 4 girls , my Dad was the kindest nicest person you could have met , we all loved him so much . Mum cries every day it was quite sudden that he went . We knew he wasn’t well but they said it was B12 deficiency, it turned out to be cancer and he died a week after he was diagnosed. I’m glad he didn’t suffer much . He was a very dignified man and the last day was so hard for him . He didn’t want to go in a hospice and mum was needing help to look after him . He agreed to Macmillan nurses and a hospital bed . He didn’t want a hospital bed and was very upset and had my sister measuring the bedroom so him and mum could be near each other. In the end he died in his sleep the night before they were bringing the hospital bed. He died next to my mum …sad but be beautiful in away as they had never been apart. It should have been their wedding anniversary on March the 16th . We all found it so hard. My Dad had a strong faith and was a big believer in the resurrection, right up to the end he was very strong in his belief. He had a beautiful funeral, so many came , everyone loved my Dad I can’t wait to see him again one day. I hope you manage your mum’s wedding anniversary okay, I still sent mum flowers and just put a message sayimg i loved her. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Sonia, that’s what I thought, my Dad had polio when he was a young child and we always thought he might end up using a wheelchair but he was lucky, he was very strong and only ended up with a stick as he got older but he always had a limp. He loved his garden and nothing would stop him being outside. Mum has kept his garden beautiful. Michelle and Frazer xx