Broad Bean Update

I don’t suppose anyone is interested but the Broad Beans ar mostly doing well and hopefully we will plant them on to Grow bags later today. Read about them

MY ONE IS THE BIGGEST not that I am in anyway competitive

Have a good day bright and sunny here with Blackbirds eating Mealworms in the garden all the other bird food has run out so when we go out for Grow Bags we must buy some bird food they have cleaned out all our seeds.

Have a good day its like Piccadilly Station here and more visitors en route


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Great blog Don!!!

Well done for growing the biggest! Don And The Beanstalk… hmmm…

Pat xx

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Lol Pat long way to go before it will take my weight I am a tubby bear now

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Glad to hear about the bean Don, keep singing to it! I cheated and planted half grown runner beans and peas and lettuce, pumpkin and courgetts…but i caught naughty Frazer running on my raised vegetable bed…so much for worrying about the slugs!

Michelle x

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Perhaps Fraser was getting rid of the slugs for you Michelle, lol

Keep singing to them beans Don!

Pam x

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Heather and our son bought a grow bag yesterday so she is planting out today. Maybe fresh broad beans soon

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Hello Don,

I just wondered how the bean was getting on??

My vegetables are growing well, so far the slugs have kept away although Frazer had a bit of a jump on them, the corgette plant got its leaves slightly broken.

I hope you’ve got better from the uti…and back to the happy Don.

Michelle x

Michelle I just done a blog update

The broad beans are in the grow bag and getting bigger.