Podiatrist anyone? Bed sore Update

Just updated my Disabled Don blog about my trip out today to see the Podiatrist


I hope to see the last of the darn thing

Beautiful day here in Margate

Good blog as usual Don, I hope your bed sore is feeling better, it sounds horrendous .

Are you planting anymore beans this year Don? I loved hearing about them last year. I want to grow some veg this year I have a lovely man called Greg who comes and helps me with the garden. Last year we planted all sorts of different vegetables the beans probably did the best but you have to pick them before they get too long or they go horrible and stringy. My garden is my paradise its really private so no one ever sees me fall i cant wait for the better weather. My birds are a;ready starting to make nests.

Michelle x


I rather like the idea of runner beans this year Michelle, I remember slicing runner beans with my mum over fifty years ago. I like doing it with a knife and getting the slices really long, something therapeutic in it I wonder if I could even hold the bean now. Our Son and his soon to be wife are going to Quatar in August, she was the instigator of the bean saga last year, let’s hope she has time, if not maybe I will have to take the task on until the come back hopefully in two years time. I am going to miss them

No tears just happy smiling faces

But inside I will be crying.



Hi Don

Oh I love runner beans, especially picked when they are young, before they get to the stringy stage, hope you will have a good crop.

Can imagine the lump in your throat, thinking about your Son and his wife, but 2 years will quickly pass, and their return will give you something to focus on.

Pam x


Thanks Pam his partner is a teacher she is the force behind the beans. We will miss them but with face time etc we will still “see” them. The internet has shrunk the world.



Poor Don, I bet you will miss them so much, Will your grandchildren be going too? its so sad . Four of ours have moved out, I never understood the empty nest syndrome… but I do now. Thankfully they aren’t too far Our eldest is 4 hours away in Glasgow and his younger brother in Wales although he is now moving to Glasgow and my 2 daughters are local, One with Autism shes 25 in nearby house (supported living) and , thankfully daughter with twins is near . They never stop being our babies do they ?

Can you skype them Don? I know its not the same but it would be nice for you to see them. We skype Lee’s Mum and Dad.

Michelle x