Bricking it!!!!

I have my MRI tomorrow and I’m terrified, how stupid is that. I have had them before and they don’t bother me but this one is different.

Maybe because the others were to confirm what we already knew but this has a lot more of the unknown about it.

Someone give me a slap please

(((hugs))) heading your way Nikki…but no slap!

It’s not stupid to feel the way you feel at all! Unknown territory is always scary regardless of what it happens to be.

Just keep telling yourself that it’s a means to an end - that it’s another step closer…

You’ll be fine. Besides, if you weren’t nervous then you wouldn’t be human

Let us know how you get on

Debbie xx

Hi Nikki Just take it easy & chill Mike x

Good luck for tomorrow, hugs xx No slap from me either!! Lol Sam x

Thanks all. Got myself really worked up this time. Doesnt help that it keeps breaking down, if I’m not here for a few days its because I’m trapped in there

You won’t get trapped and good luck, just keep calm and chill!!! Big hugs Luv Sarah xx :slight_smile:

Good luck tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi Nikki,

You’ll be fine and hopefully you will at last know for defo’ Sending (((((HUGS))))) and all good wishes.



Hi Nikki. ((((Big Hugs))))
I also felt nervous when i had my mri scan. A technique that helped me calm myself down was to create a picture in your minds eye of a clear pastel blue sky, an empty clear pastel blue sky with no clouds, sun or even a single bird in it. In my minds eye this huge vast expanse of room or unrestricted space definitely helped me : ) Combined with the remote cord in my hand, the guy operating the mri machine told me if i had any problems while the scan was in progress all i had to do was press the button and then the scan would be stopped. Im not sure if all mri scan machines have this remote button, but i did not need to use it anyway.
Hey Nikki hope my experience helps you , now good luck with your scan, I’m sure you will be just fine

xx mikey

Good luck xx

Hey Nikki xxx good luck for today lovely - be strong be brave xxxjenxxx

Good luck Nikki.XXX



Good luck hon x

Good luck Nikki! xx

I’ve sent you a pm


good luck.

Hi !

I am a bit confused ! saw my neuro three weeks ago and on the basis of my clinical history and examination he told me outright I have Benign MS. I am also having an MRI soon. Both my partner and myself work in the clinical field and my partner noticed some abnormality with my foot on neuro examination which is still there. The symptoms I have had that lead to me seeing a consultant has also been recorded inaccurately by the neurologist as regards when they appeared. I took a list with me at the time so that I was giving accurate info.

I discussed these with my GP who told me that no diagnosis has been put on the letter and that I am having an MRI to rule out MS. The letter also says that my examination was OK. I was also told by my neuro that he would be referring me to another neurologist who specialises in MS but this again is not in the letter. If my partner hadn’t been in on the consultation I would have questioned myself if these events did happen.

The consultant seemed a very nice and understanding doctor but I feel it’s difficult to raise these issues because who do I raise them to ? I feel in limbo now - one minute I have a diagnosis now I’m not so sure.

Sorry to go on a bit !

Hi Nikki You had scan yet, got rid of the bricks yet? Mike :slight_smile: x