Breathing issues

This has been going on for a few years on and of, when it starts it happens regularly.I go to bed OK, then I come to and I gasp for breath, my hearts pounding and I know that I’ve stopped breathing, gasped and woken up. My husband hears me. It’s pretty scarey. Anyone else get this.

Hi, I do get some breathing issues. I am overweight and when lying down can sometimes seem breathless. I breathe quite shallowly.

I am told by carer and hubby that they think I stop breathing at times.

Sounds like sleep apnoea for both you and I eh?


It’s scarey. I’m not overweight so that can’t be causing it. I’ve had awfull kneck aches and paines and stiffness for weeks now Its all down my kneck into my shoulders up into the base of my skull. Roll on saterday I hope the nurolgist can give me answers.

I think whilst obstructive sleep apnea can be weight related it can happen otherwise. Ir could be anxiety or even heart arrhythmia. Hopefully neurologist can offee some clarity

Roll on saterday.

Let us know how it goes.


Will do.

Seen neurologist he says I need a mri of my spine from neck down so will ask the gp to sort this out. Can’t make a, definate diagnosis till we see what that shows up. On the US side he says I’m not dead yet.

Dark humour!

If a neuro wants and MRI, he orders it. Cant see why a GP would be asked to organise it?


Because if he did it I’d have to pay coz it would be private, the gp can do it on the NHS. That’s what I was led to beleive. I saw you’re response in my do we need diagnosis. Thankyou. I’m already utterly fed up I wish I’d never had a mri of my head, I’d have just pottered on and not bothered over any of it. It was because of my sister, her brain tumour and death that made me panick and insist on one coz I went dizzy. I’m just so stressed now with worry and I’ve had enough upset this year, if I get the diagnosis, the symptoms I’ve to live with will just be the same there’s no cure. I’ve always said if there’s no cure why bother knowing you’ve got something. Maybe I’ll get the scan of kneck and spine see what shows up and if it is ms then I’ll know, I don’t need to take medication untill I get worse… If I get worse. If it’s not then sod it I’m thinking I’ll just plod on

Oh Paula, sweetheart. I can feel how fed up you are in your words.

I dont see why you`d have to pay for an MRI. I saw my first neuro privately and then he transferred me to his NHS clinic for an MRI.

The experience of what happened to your sister is absolutely horrendous and no wonder you felt going dizzy could have been caused by the same thing she died of. All this will have made you very anxious indeed.

I know MS isnt curable, but you could fit the criteria for DMDs…this makes it important that you get a diagnosis.

If you would like to PM, please do


Thanks My sisters only symptom of the tumour was dizzyness she was dead in less than 3 months.

Oh that really is shocking…xx


It was she’d not had a, days illness of work ever. She just felt dizzy and the dizzyness got worse gp said she was a fussy woman, at one stage she said could it be a brain tumour and he said don’t be so daft, in the end she went to a and e luckily after my mum insisted they weren’t leaving without a mri a nurse agreed to sort it they saw a massive tumour, she was operated in but it grew back and she passed away shortly after her 50th birthday. Devestateing. I kinda think if I have ms then so what compared to the hell she ensured at the end and it was utter hell I’ve no right to moan on too much . Just a little moan now and again.

Got results of lower back mri. I’ve dome sort of tear and a bulging disc. Go is ringing me Monday to discus. I’ve googled and this could cause the numbness in legs the tingling ect. Maybe it’s not ms. But I need an exanation for the brain legion’s. It rumbles on. I’m feeling a bit more positive.

Hi Paula, I can believe how lax that GP was…a friend of mine kept going to her`s with headaches…he put her on anti-depressants…she had 2 brain tumours. But luckily they were benign…but they badly affected her mobility permanently.

So you have a bulging disc and a tear…hope something can be done chick.


I raised a official complaint against the gp by this stage we knew there was no hope for my sister. His response was the usual it will never happen again well take more notice of folks. No apology nothing. Bulging disc and tear no wonder my back kills me if I do stuff like sweeping up. But I guess you can have ms and have a bulging disc too. So I need to ensure there’s no legions on my upper spinal stuff near kneck like the nurolgist said. You’re freind was lucky. GPS make mistakes and don’t like to admit that there unsure what’s amis. I’m someone who always googled, always researches every word and doesn’t care if I piss the Dr of. It’s our life’s our bodies.

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Hi Paula, you certainly do need to be vigilant with GP after what happened


I always insist now on worse case scenario being ruled out first. I’m actually feeling a lot better this past week, not as tired, not as tingly and numb. Though that coukd be the remmision part of the ms. I’m going to see, take more notice of things comeing and going, feeling well and feeling rotton see if I notice more.

I`m glad to see you are feeling a bit better.

Take care