breast pain

begining to think i have my own personal gremlin- been to the dr this morning as have been having some intermitant breast pain and over the last week its got worse and constant- cant find any lumps but have to go to the breast clinic to get it checked, Dr was really reasuring and said that ‘Nasty’s’ dont usually hurt so the pain part is a good sign, but im just worried that my M.S means that any sort of muscle preasurre hurts so is the pain caused by something that is pressing on my muscles and thats why it hurts.

is it to really for Gin

BC x


I sometimes get stabbing pains in my breast which I am sure is MS spasm. I try to stay relaxed and wait for it to pass - hurts like hell though.



thanks Moira

Ive been through the lot, thought it was maybe bra wire or menstral cycle issue, but its agony and since Dr gave it a good push and a prod earlier i could quite happily sit and cry it hurts so much, hoping that paracetamol help.going to be a long 2 weeks til appointment


it could be hormonal have you tried evening primrose

no i havent Lally , thanks for the suggestion

Thanks Mel thats a really reasuring reply-


Hi BC,

I get pectoral cramps. They are in the breast area, but I’m sure they’re cramps, because they feel like…well, cramps! I don’t seem to have many places left I don’t get any cramps. :frowning:


Hi BC Spent a lot of time last year to and from the doctor with breast pain. Turns out it is cyclical breast pain related to hormones and is quite common past 40. Had to have a mammogram which was clear but they discovered that I had several fluid filled cysts in my breasts that are harmless. Although it is called cyclical, it can last the whole month and can be excruciating. It was really getting me down. The consultant I saw advised me to take evening primrose oil soft gels. These take a couple of months to work but they have made quite a difference. Apparently, this will end once I go through the menopause. Roll on that time I think! Hth Teresa xx

[quote=“neuronerd”] Hi Mel if you are lactating you need to get this checked out by your gp. Anita xx

I get this too but mine seems to be linked to hormones…also started lactating from the left side for no apparent reason (rather strange when I’ve never had kids)

Depending on your age you won’t have to go through the mammogram, if your younger than 45 I think it is, they tend to do an ultrasound. I found a lump a couple of years ago and had to have this done, luckily everything was fine.

Does it come along with the MS hug type sensation?

It’s so hard to seperate the MS from the ‘everybody gets it’ problems! I hope you get it sorted.

oh and remember if it’s muscular your better with ibuprofen or another NSAID rather than paracetamol :slight_smile:

Mel xx


Hi Mel,

You said you are lactating on one side I would see your gp about this. anita xx

I have recently been diagnosed although been having issues for the last few years because of lockdown can’t get any therapy yet my doctor has prescribed Tegretol/ Carbamazepine has anyone got any info as there are so many side effects on the leaflet and don’t want to start a med that will cause more problems