Nerve pain in nipple?!

For the last two weeks, I have been getting a sharp, nerve like pain (I say it’s nerve pain as this is a primary symptom of mine) in my right nipple. I seems to be aggravated when I leave forward. My breasts are on the large size, and the pain is only present when they move.

I cannot feel any lumps or bumps or any other suspicious signs on my breast; but it also seems odd for it to be MS. So really I’m just asking if anyone else has had anything similar before I see my GP to get it checked out. I’m 46, not hormonal (I have an IUD).

Thanks all x


i read your post last night but didn’t have any advice to give.

however i can’t bear to see a post unanswered so here i am.

i’d suggest you see your doctor to put your mind at rest.

maybe phone your ms nurse and see if he or she has come across it before.

carole x

I don’t have anything helpful to add either, just wanted to bump you back up to the top of the page. Have you seen your GP, don’t forget, not everything is MS and we can’t always feel odd things in our breasts. Sue

Sjs. Visit your GP. for a chat. Not everything is down to MS. It’s easy to put all sorts of things down to that. Maybe even ask about a mammogram? Not scaremongering, but you don’t always need to feel any lumps or bumps…a mammo might put your mond at rest.

Before my MS diagnosis, I had had itchy boobs, particularly the left one. I saw my GP who referred me to the Breast Screening Clinic. Nothing sinister…!!! They suggested taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules. They said 3 a day for 3 months, and then reduce it gradually… and I do believe that it has worked, well, 95% anyway. I still take one a day, but might stop altogether when this (large) bottle runs out.

Anne :heart:

I have this on occasions. First time it was more around the side of my breast and under my arm and it was so painful i felt like crying, i saw my GP and it was nerve pain. Now on and off i get it in my left breast like a nerve pain and it feels tight too at times weird. I have been checked out nothing there, so assuming its a form of nerve pain, however, i did see my GP over it, and i would suggest you do too. She did say as there are nerve pathways along the side of the breast etc (and round the back where you can get shingles) it can happen.

but do get it checked just for peace of mind hun. x

Hugs, I hope you get answers from the experts. My belief is that it’s safest to check anything with the medical people just in case it’s not ms & if it is caused by ms it’s recorded.

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Thank you all for your comments and “bumps”! Still getting this on occasion, have made an appointment with my GP just to put my mind at rest it’s nothing sinister.

Wishing all season’s greetings and a very happy 2018


Hi i have MS, and i am suffering the same problem. I am so painful. Have u found a cure. If so let me know x