Breast Pain

I have sharp pain if I brush against my left breast with my arm. It’s not hormonal pain it’s a specific burn just below my nipple. I was referred to breast clinic and tonight got the all clear. No lumps or bumps and mammograms clear. Ive been having some anxiety and fatigue lately but nothing else. Could this be neurological? Obviously hugely relieved it’s not anything breast related. Anyone had this?

Yes!!! About 2 weeks ago! It lasted about 3/4 days and was an awful pain but only if touched/brushed!! I thought maybe I had done something in the night or something. I’m not diagnosed or anything though. How strange? X

It could be neuropathic pain, pain without a physical cause. I have very mild neuropathic pain when I touch the area above my upper lip. It doesn’t bother me much, but I believe that there are tablets available if the pain is really bad.

I too have had a similar pain/feeling. It was under my right breast on rib cage and if my hand went across it , it felt like I had sunburn, ouch.