Ladies - side effects with avonex

Hi, im hoping someone who is on avonex can help. I’m now into my fourth week of the injections and over the past few days i have noticed my breasts have been so painful mostly my left breast. its extremely tender to touch and actually feels bigger then the right. I have never had this before even at the time of the month and just wondered if anyone else has had any similiar problems. I have read online about breast tenderness when using avonex but it doesnt give much info. Any insight from someone who has also experienced this would be great as it’s a little worrying. Thanks sarah

Hello, I am on Avonex but cannot be of much help as I haven’t experienced this particular symptom. Do you have a Nurse you could contact? It may at least put your mind at rest if it were a symptom that others have experienced? If it continues, it would be best to seek advice from your GP as it can be too easy to blame the MS and/or meds for some symptoms. I had an issue with my left breast last year and lets just say it was a good job I had it checked. Sam x

Hi sam, thank you for replying so quickly. I do have a lovely ms nurse i was on the phone with her on friday but totally forgot to mention it and just thought i’d pop on here for some advice over the weekend. I hope all was ok in the end with yours and that is the main reason i was worried, i am only 27 but age doesn’t really seem to be a factor much now. I’ll give her a call again on monday and if it persists i’ll most definately go to my GP there’s no harm in checking. The injections themselves have been pretty much symptom free not really had any of the bad flu symptoms just over the last week my symptoms have seemed to have worsened which she thinks is the avonex. sarah x

Hi Sarah I’ve been on Avonex roughly 10 months. I have had all sorts of weird, new pain…eg the first few months I experienced sharp, persistent ear pain, within hours of injecting…! Then for a few weeks after Christmas, for the first time, I began to experience flu-like symptoms, which some weeks persisted for up to 48 hours (this after being relatively symptom-free for the first few months). Now, this week the same sharp, tightening pain in my right breast…within 6 hours of administering the dose it started and 3 days later it’s still here…if it persists I shall definitely see my GP (can’t be too careful) but at this juncture I am not unduly worried as seems to be a direct correlation between the weekly injections and my varied and strange symptoms. Anyway, thought I would post up to perhaps let you see you are not alone…x I hope things settle soon