Pain Symptoms - Advice needed. Help

Hi everyone,

Haven’t been on for a while but I could really use some advice if anyone out there has experienced the same.

I’ve been on avonex now for 16 weeks. Started out with a few side effects, which I guess you kind of expect until things settle down, but things have been getting steadily worse. Namely I have been experiencing pain in my back in spasms almost on a daily basis. It starts in the area of my kidney/pancreas, and radiates outwards. This triggers an MS hug and the pain can then go up into my neck. Now I’m used to dealing with my MS hug and breathe through the pain as best I can using the same technique I learned when I would have my attacks when I had gallstone pancreatitis.

Here’s where I need some help/advise. The pain isn’t going away and it’s getting steadily worse. I’ve had my blood tests done and according to my ms nurse/doctor they have come back fine. My GP has implied that it is muscular and wants me to see a physio. Only thing is, this pain I’m experiencing feels anything but muscular. It has all the feeling of when I had problems with my pancreas from my gallstones years ago. Only problem is I have been back to my GP numerous times and they just keep saying they think it’s muscular and won’t look into anything else.

Does anyone out there have any ideas? Is it the Avonex triggering something that by the time they do the blood tests settles down, or is something else going on? I’m wary of having physio as the last time they sent me for that it made things worse.

If anyone out there could give me some advice which way to go it would be really gratefully received. This pain everyday is getting a bit much to deal with when no pain relief seems to do anything about it :frowning:

Thanks for your help


Me again

I should have added, that each time I have my avonex injection, it seems to trigger pain spasms and make the pain I am experiencing daily worse :frowning:

I’m really starting to wonder which way to turn as my ms nurse and gp don’t seem to be coming up with any ideas. My ms nurse when I can get hold of him just says go see your gp, and my gp just keeps saying muscular.

Don’t know which way to turn now :frowning: